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Thanks for ordering Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse, and welcome to the private pre-orderers discussion forum!

This is the exclusive location to chat with the team behind the latest Sam & Max season, and amass all kinds of secret knowledge related to the upcoming games, so that you can lord it over your less-informed friends. Join us!
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  • I'm so excited for this!! :D The trailer is awesome and the graphics look like a huge step up. POCKETS!
  • Remolay;271689 said:
    I'm going to be giddy yet nervous anyways. but I will also ask questions
    I'll have good company, then. :) One thing I didn't mention is that I don't think I'm very good at the whole come-up-with-questions-to-ask-the-creator(s)-of-something-you-love deal. But I'm going to give it my best shot this time. I mean, it's Sam & Max! *flails*
  • Alright the secret forums, what a treat to be inside as I wait for the most epic game ever. :D

  • Cool, I am looking forward to season 3. ;)
  • Being a part of the Freelance Police Dispatch makes me want to wield my new found forum powers like a god.
  • I, if elected president, promise to go mad with power right away. That way you will never have to worry about your president being evil, you will know that he is

    That's what I started thinking right away there
  • Hi. I'm not normally a forum guy, but this seems like an unusually friendly place. I preordered this instantly, after having picked up the first two seasons (and everything else) during a steam sale in 2008 and slowly working through it. Sam and Max season 2 was literally the most fun I've ever had playing an adventure game, so ... I have to get in on the ground floor for this one!

    Everything about it looks fantastic. Can't wait.
  • Really excited about Sam and Max season 3, trailer looks awesome. I got seasons 1 and 2 when all the episodes were already released so I'm actually looking forward to long agonizing waits between episodes and pre-launch discussions :D
  • The trailer has my heart racing. A COMEDY ADVENTURE GAME TRAILER GOT MY HEART RACING! It's exciting as heck and I can't wait. No trailer for a game has gotten my heart racing before, I've seen some cool ones, but not like this
  • Hi everyone, great to be a VIP! :)

    I was just thinking.
    You know that this is the Freelance Police dispatch.
    You know what would be the coolest thing ever?
    If you get a REAL Freelance Police badge as a pre-order perk! :D
    I bet everyone would sign up immediately then! I know I would! (If I hadn't already!)

    (Just don't give 'm away with the Deluxe Edition again) ;)
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