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17$ shipping for Europe is crazy

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Hi Telltale,

I'm an old customer who bought almost every single game since you started...

However I must say I'm very disappointed with the shipping cost for one freaking DVD sent to Europe (France in my case)

17$ for one DVD ? really ?

For comparison Amazon is charging 6$ for a dvd and very little more if you add one or two more.

I mean USPS is not even that good, it took weeks to receive Wallace & Gromit.

I'm sure there are less expensive shipping method, specially for telltale customers who receive this DVD as a "gift" and who probably don't mind waiting for a few weeks to receive their games (considering they can always download the digital version).

I hope you will be able to change this because this 17$ fee is really transforming the gift into a curse...
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    Adrianr;270876 said:
    Yup 1st class mail $9 how can they justify $18... its absurd..
    The problem is that you are looking at first-class mail when the service you are paying for when you order from Telltale is Priority Mail, which is $13.45.
    Never having received anything from Telltale in a country other than the USA, I can't be sure how it's packaged, but for International Priority, the postal service offers boxes and envelopes for free (thus reducing the handling fee, but games and other stuff still need to be packed and protected).
    For first-class, there is no such thing as a free box from the postal service, which adds the price of a box or (padded) envelope to the handling fee.
    So, of course $18 is a bit steep, but like I posted earlier, Telltale does not have the volume of sale of an or the benefit of a cheap mail carrier (or distributor, apparently).
    One last thing.
    Over the years, I've ordered a few DVD boxsets from a company called Family Box Office (located in Australia).
    I have never ordered more than one at a time (I usually ordered them as they were released), shipping has always been around 25 AUD (which would be about 23 USD at today's exchange rate) excluding insurance (which cost me between $5 and $9.50) and it always took well over a week for me to get my package.
  • I agree here. I too live in Belgium and was surprised of the shipping cost. I didn't download monkey island as I still prefer to have a dvd, so I didn't play it yet. The game cost me 34.95USD at time of ordering.

    I dug up the shipping costs of the sam and max dvd:
    Thank you for ordering from Telltale Games on September 2, [B]2007[/B].
    samandmax-s1 Sam & Max Sea [B]9.95USD[/B]

    Shipping a dvd in 2010 now costs 16.75USD. That's a lot in those 2 years and a half. So with this extra charge, this games costs me actually 51.70USD, half of which is just shipping :o
    Wish I had known that at time of ordering... :(
    I'm also wondering what it would have cost to just buy the game from in a few months.
  • Yeah. Same here (Holland).
    10 euro for season 1 (2008)
    11 euro for season 2 (still 2008)
    16 euro for W&G and Animated series (1 month ago)
    Haven't really checked for MI since I am going to go for free shipping anyway.
    I'm also wondering what it would have cost to just buy the game from in a few months.
    Yeah, that would just wield you the games, and not all the extra's our TTG disk provides. So in the end, I think it would be a worse deal, even if shipping costs less.
  • Bonnie, thank you for the response.

    I understand that shipping costs are not TellTale's responsibility, nor does TTG make money off of it. But I do think that it is TTG's responsibility to be informed about what the consequences of your "contract partners" is.

    In other words, yes, it's a shame that the shipping is a rip off from USPS, but the fact that this is clearly a very poor choice is TTG's fault. It's easy to pass the blame onto the shipping company, but at the end of the day it's your valued customers who are getting screwed.

    Again, thank you for the response. Hopefully you guys can get your shipping sorted out ASAP. Might I request that an email be sent out to international people so that we know when the shipping problem has been fixed?

    In the meantime, I'm going to try to decide what I'll do about Sam & Max 3. Not being gouged on shipping for the discs is a serious factor in my decision.

  • Considering another thread mentioned shipping types, I checked again, and yes, the 10/11 euro S&M shippings are with First-Class-Mail, while the 16 euro W&G was with Priority-Mail (and indeed arrived much sooner).
    So there is already a large portion of the increase there, due to the changed shipping type, a faster, more expansive one (apparantly due to first-class-mail not allowing tracking I heard other members say).
  • I'm noticing some strange behaviour in the shipping costs.
    Yesterday, the DVD alone cost $18 in shipping.
    Today, it lists the DVD alone as $16.75 in shipping.
    If I add any other digital purchase item to my cart along with the DVD, the shipping price drops to $15.75.

    Seems odd that it changes since there is only one physical item shipping in either scenario.
  • I'd like to add weight to the discussion since I think for us Europeans (Germany in my case) there's a lot of music in this.

    I was trying to save shipping, so after having bought ToMI, Wallace&Gromit and Strong Bad I waited until all of the DVDs became available for shipping and thought that $10 shipping for all of them would be alright (better than paying $10 for each of them). So today I throw them all into my virtual shopping cart and am really confused! $33.05 for shipping??! Don't you put them all into one small package? That is crazy!!! I don't want to preorder the new Sam&Max Season (especially not if I have to pay extra crazy shipping for that one again) andy buy extra stuff for free shipping and I am really irritated!!

    Please Telltale, do something about this.
    I will not buy anything at Telltale until this issue is resolved!
  • corruptbiggins;270212 said:
    They are well aware of the problem for international customers which is why they're trying stuff like this free shipping for orders of $50. They've even made it very easy to get to that total by just allowing you to get the TOMI Deluxe DVD package & pre-order the new season of Sam & Max
    correct me if I'm wrong, but if I buy the deluxe edition I'll be charged 14,99$
    the new sam and max season is 34,95$

    that's 49,94$ in total. so there are 6 cents missing for free shipping.

    would be OK, if they had something for 6 cents in store...
  • Please add me to the list of complainers. No other store I know of forces me to use the expensive priority mail. Snail mail is fine for me and 16$ just for shipping a single DVD is simply too much.
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    Bruno83;271931 said:
    correct me if I'm wrong, but if I buy the deluxe edition I'll be charged 14,99$
    the new sam and max season is 34,95$

    that's 49,94$ in total. so there are 6 cents missing for free shipping.

    would be OK, if they had something for 6 cents in store...
    You're wrong! ;)
    Actually, the deluxe edition is $14.95, so you should be 10 cents short.
    However, other forumers have reported that Telltale is awesome and grants you free shipping as of $49.90 (can't check it as I already ordered my special edition but feel free to try).
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