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Episode 5 animation glitch

posted by salty-horse on - last edited - Viewed by 1.4K users
While talking to Auntie Biotics, her model would disappear for a second and then re-appear. This happened a few times in the dialog tree.

That was the greatest episode evar! Great Job!
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  • Thanks for posting this. Has anyone else noticed it?
  • glitch confirmed.... the character model dissappears when you first click on her and she tells you what her job is, and when you ask if if she ever needs to sleep...... she only dissappears for a few seconds each time so this is most likely a bad animation file, screenshots attached to help you determine which animation file is corrupted

    it seems that the model does not dissappear from the engine entirely, it seems to fly somewhere down the street and then returns, the third shot is of her "flying" in front of max while he is talking (although she can only be seen for a split second here)

    i was able to capture these shots by running the game in a window then clicking outside the window to pause the animation, slowly moving the mouse over the window to play the animation in slow motion....... i got the "flash" in the third shot using this method

    i will see if any other characters/ models in the game do is.......... and this was not in the gametap version of the game (or i would have noticed it) i will also check to see if she dissappers during the fight sequence

    during her intro (she is only gone for a few seconds)

    when you ask her if she ever needs to sleep (she is gone for an entire line)

    her "flash fly" past the camera while max is talking (this is only on the screen for a split second)
  • Just to let you know, I've noticed this a couple of times as well.
  • Copy that, happened to me as well.

    @Dangerzone: How many times did it take you to screencap the third shot? ;)
  • i got it on my third try...... but the option to ask her if she needs to sleep never goes away.... so it is not that hard to replay the conversation

    i have a savegame on my gametap version of the game just before you fight ante biotic, and she does not dissappear in the gametap version......

    and she does not disappear in any of the fight scenes, or any other time besides those 2 times when you are talking to her in the telltale website version of the game......... and no other characters/ models do this, so it appears to be an isolated glitch

    the only other graphic glitch i found (worth noting) is that the banner ads behind the street "flash" in the background after an ad has flown by and the engine is loading the next one.......... the image of the next ad flashes in the middle of the sky for a split second and then dissappears.......... a few seconds later that same ad will float by, i noticed this inbetween most of the ads, and this glitch is in both versions.....
  • The disappearing thing happened to me, too, a couple of times, as well as the pop-up ads flashing by. (I suspect the ads are resetting to the other side of the screen for their next fly-by.)

    Also a different glitch:
    It is described that the Shambling Corporate Presence coughs up a Respect for Human Life every time you feed it a Nauseating Bosco's, even though you may have already picked it up. A new Respect for Human Life is not actually produced for you to "get", but it's mentioned in the description. The easiest solution would probably be to remove the pool of nauseating cuteness once you've sopped it up with a Bosco's (or alternatively change the coughing-up description once it's been successfully invoked the first time).
  • I thought the animation disappearance was intential since she is a cgi character in a virtual reality universe that is in the beta stage
  • Thanks guys, we'll take a look at this.
    I thought the animation disappearance was intential since she is a cgi character in a virtual reality universe that is in the beta stage
    But of course! We did it on purpose. Yeah, that's it. :D
  • Yep. Happened twice, and when I played it through again she disappeared during the same dialogue.
  • Add me for all of the above glitches. Luckily it did not spoil the game for me! :)
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