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Q&A With the Design Team

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Hello, honorary Freelance Police! Thanks for pre-ordering the game.

I'm Chuck Jordan, designer and writer of "The Penal Zone", the first episode of "The Devil's Playhouse." I'm also the guy responsible for making sure all the season's stories fit together in some semblance of order.

This thread is for your questions about the new season, as well as "Beyond Time and Space" and "Save the World," and general Sam & Max design-type stuff. I'll be starting out, and as we go on I'll try to rope in the other designers: Mike Stemmle, Andy Hartzell, Joe Pinney, and Dave Grossman.

I'll be answering your questions whenever I've got the time & know-how, with a super-bonus semi-live Q&A today (Monday Mar 15) from 2-3 PM.

So ask away!
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  • Chuck;272975 said:
    Sorry, I should've said 2-3PM Pacific Daylight Time, AKA right now!
    Gaaah... I missed it?

    1) Apparently I am not keeping up with TTG too much. What's this horrible puzzle in 204 you guys were talking about?
    2) What locations of NYC will we get to see? Famous ones too?
    3) Does the writer already include some puzzles, or get all of them added in afterwards? Or does the writer actually write story around puzzles already designed in the spinning session mentioned before?
  • I know that this is a very long ways off, but have you guys thought of doing a "Make-Up an Episode" contest for season 4 of Sam & Max? I only ask because some of the fans of the series might have some very weird/funny ideas for future episode that you guys might like to use. ;)
  • My favorite puzzle segment from last season was definately the time machine puzzle chain, being able to change things in the past to affect the present was way out here and worked out perfectly.

    I've read on some previews that you're slightly changing the way we go about solving puzzles in this season over last, any chance of a little enlightenment on what that could mean? I've also seen that we have more control over max in this version does that mean we'll possibly be seeing a switch character control button in the regular environment vs just in dialog?

    And of course, thank you guys for all the fantastic games you've brought us, you've truly been the gaming highlight of the last decade for me. And TTG finally coming to mac will probably take the cake for the next ten years.
  • 1.What all old characters will we see, like will sybil, abe, Bosco, etc... be in, or will some of the characters not return?

    2. Will we get to combine items like in tales.

    3.Will we get to use max's powers on sams items.

    4. because of the computer trying ot move maxes inventory istems, will he have an inventory/be a playable character.
  • So I notice some plain references to Howard Lovecraft in the image and title of the final episode. Without giving any spoilers away, how much inspiration from Lovecraft or references to him has actually been used in this season?

    And since this season is based on spookier stuff, and is in New York City, will we see any Ghostbusters references? :D
  • Are any of the villains from the previous seasons going to return to get their revenge on Sam and Max?
  • How difficult is it to program for PC and Mac at the same time? I seem to remember someone saying back when TTG first started that it was like making the same game twice.

    What changed?
  • Which are the most annoying question you recieved from a fan? This one? =P

    Now seriously, what do you first in designing? The Puzzles or the story or everything at the same time?
  • Chuck, you were one of the main guys involved in the lesser known ill-fated project that was Sam & Max Plunge Through Space (for those unfamiliar read this). Have you been able to integrate any of the ideas from Plunge Through Space you never had a chance to realise but wanted to explore further in The Devil's Playhouse?
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