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17$ shipping for Europe is crazy

posted by viper1701 on - last edited - Viewed by 3K users
Hi Telltale,

I'm an old customer who bought almost every single game since you started...

However I must say I'm very disappointed with the shipping cost for one freaking DVD sent to Europe (France in my case)

17$ for one DVD ? really ?

For comparison Amazon is charging 6$ for a dvd and very little more if you add one or two more.

I mean USPS is not even that good, it took weeks to receive Wallace & Gromit.

I'm sure there are less expensive shipping method, specially for telltale customers who receive this DVD as a "gift" and who probably don't mind waiting for a few weeks to receive their games (considering they can always download the digital version).

I hope you will be able to change this because this 17$ fee is really transforming the gift into a curse...
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    DjNDB Moderator
    Macfly77;271949 said:
    However, other forumers have reported that Telltale is awesome and grants you free shipping as of $49.90 (can't check it as I already ordered my special edition but feel free to try).
  • OK then.
    sounds good.
  • theKryz;271928 said:
    I was trying to save shipping, so after having bought ToMI, Wallace&Gromit and Strong Bad I waited until all of the DVDs became available for shipping and thought that $10 shipping for all of them would be alright (better than paying $10 for each of them). So today I throw them all into my virtual shopping cart and am really confused! $33.05 for shipping??! Don't you put them all into one small package? That is crazy!!!
    Considering that ALL USPS shipping methods cost depending on the weight (and just have a certain limit on the size and maximum weight of the shipped goods) what made you think shipping one versus three DVDs wouldn't make a difference?

    Sorry, but that's quite normal - I take it you don't often order from overseas?

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  • Yeah, actually, I don't -_-
  • Still, $33.05 for 3 DVD's sound too much. I got somewhat the equivelant (Animated Series weight counts for 2, easily) and it's still just $16 combined with another DVD, not 33.
  • OK, I just took the Monkey Island Deluxe set out of my shopping cart after seeing the outrageous shipping charge!
    No way, I'll pay this much for a DVD. I have ordered many, many things from the States (I'm in Germany) and never had to pay more than 6$ shipping charges for anything and here I have to pay roughly 3 times the amount!!

    I'll skip this fine set :(

    Very disappointed.
  • I'm pretty disappointed too. I don't even care about priority mail, can't you give the option for first class?
  • Chalk another one for snail mail, and really annoyed by the shipping rates.
    I've bought the season, played on a choppy PC, but now I was eager to play it on my Mac (I downloaded the Mac files, but I want the DVD), but for 18 USD, I rather buy a Wii game in a UK store with free shipping!

    Hope TTG realizes that people are waiting for the result of your contacts, so see if you extend the free shipping offer deadline, as I'm still waiting to see if you can get a snail mail rate.
  • I do believe the actual problem is, there was a cheaper option before, but was way too unrealiable. I mean, for example, out of 3 orders, the postal office lost one of them. At the same time, here appear all the time Damaged Goods and more lost packages. Telltale always replace the damaged goods and send new ones out of trust us, but, apparently they were losing too much money in replacing damaged or lost items, and when it wasn't their fault.

    I read somewhere they are searching for a new solution for the shipping, but they disable the cheaper one because is was unbeareble.

    I THINK is that.
  • ^ If this is true then I can see how this is a sticky situation from TellTale's perspective.

    I recall when they shipped me Sam & Max S1 and S2, it was in a regular manilla bubble envelope and looked like it had been sent by a secretary in an office. No problems there. But I can see how it would suck if people keep bugging them for replacements.

    If this is the case, what's wrong with offering the option of regular ground shipping. I'd rather take my chances and pay $7 (it's always been fine thus far), then pay $18 and risk getting hit by customs (which is another very costly and annoying factor - not TTG's fault, but on my end the prospect of paying up to $40 for a "free" DVD of a game I already bought is ridiculous).
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