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Returning Characters for Season 3?

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Season 2 had so many returning characters from Season 1 that it would be easier to make a list of the characters that didn't show up. As far as I remember, these are the major characters that didn't make a return:
The President (although he appears in the trailer)
The Internet
Let me know if I've forgotten anybody.

Anyways, Season 2 introduced so many new characters that it would be near impossible to have almost every single character returning again. Here are the characters that have been confirmed for Season 3:
Sam and Max (obviously)
Girl Stinky
Harry Moleman
Flint Paper

It also says that there will be 'some surprising return cameos.'

Of course, we could probably expect a return from Bosco, Sybil, Abe Lincoln, Leonard (since he lives in their closet), and Jimmy Two-Teeth. Who would you guys like to see again in Season 3? And who'll the surprising return cameos be?

Personally, I'm hoping for Agent Superball and Pedro. I'd also say Hugh Bliss and Jurgen, but they're kinda in Hell, so it's unlikely.
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  • YOu missed Superball in the confirmed, he shows up right at the beginning
  • SushiGummy;273817 said:

    Henry Moleman
    His name is Harry Moleman not henry.
  • As for my personal wish, I would like to see Toy Mafia again. Since the season's plot involves toys, such a comeback would be logical.
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