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Suggestions for the 6th CSI game

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We don't know if there is going to be a 6th CSI:LV game and even if there is going to be the deal isn't closed yet.So it would be a good idea to start posting suggestions before development has started :)
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  • It'd be neat if the evidence wasn't so blatant for the most part, and have a more difficult mode where you can actually contaminate the crime scenes/evidence if you don't use the right tools and/or procedure, possibly causing you to lose the case.
  • Simply make it look more realistic.
    CSIs actually move from one part of the scene to another and officers pass and exit the scene
  • Personally I would like to see an episode made of several short cases... those "quickie but goody" episodes they do every year with 4 smaller cases in them are always my favorites... get a call out to some seedy motel only to find that there are 3 murders to solve there, and you tackle them one at a time.

    Also I would like to see more technology put into the game making process... use real scans of the actors head and faces, and use motion capture for the cutscenes.

    I would also like to see some clever forensics in the game... using the tools for irregular purposes like they do in the show, trying to be clever in figuring out how to collect or preserve something... and get bonus points for doing it the right way. And stop with the automatic tool usage, using the tools and figuring out what to use is what was the most fun thing for me in the first 2 games you guys did.
  • Games are good, just more of the same, no need to go all crazy and stuff. Sometimes its best to keep it simple and stay with what works, if anything more cases in the game, i would like to see 10 cases and maybe 5-10-20 more cases as DLC.
  • Is there a chance we can bring back the Ocean Group? It's really unsettling when I hear the voice of Sybil coming out of the mouth of an angry pregnant lady. And besides, Paul Dobson has the BEST dirtbag voice I've ever heard.
  • Dangerzone;251125 said:
    And stop with the automatic tool usage, using the tools and figuring out what to use is what was the most fun thing for me in the first 2 games you guys did.
    This is a good point, it was the biggest disapointment of Deadly Intent as well as some of the puzzles being relitivly easy, no mobile lab and really I thought DI fell flat in general.

    The multiple endings mentioned earlier sounds like a good idea, even the risk of getting fired if you fail to get the real culprit in x number of cases depending on difficulty, as well as small cases (to be padding and fit more than 5 cases, so maybe some hit and run cases)

    Also more linking of cases like in the earlier titles.
  • What about a lab rate game mode ? Random lab puzzles appearing that you have to solve
  • I'm thinking that not only should there be different endings, but impacts of how the cases evolve. In a way like a choose your own adventure book.

    If you do a wretched job on a part of the case, the rest will take a totally different spin. Sorta like how Heavy Rain is supposed to play out.
  • extra cases that you can download!
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