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Wallace and Gromit DVD Activation

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Under your technical question section for product support, it states this following:

Do Telltale's games have copy protection?

Yes, but we try to keep it as low-key and non-annoying as possible. Our downloadable games use a version of SecuROM that requires online activation. Our disc-based games also use SecuROM. Disc games don't require online activation, but the disc must be in the drive while you play.
My question is why does the Wallace and Gromit DVD require online activation instead of just allowing it to be played when the disc is in the drive?
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  • Que?
    Quoted from your own post:
    Disc games don't require online activation

    Or do you mean you got the DVD and it requires online activation. If so, that quite sucks :(.
  • The W&G disc is different and requires activation, as though you had taken the downloadable episode and burnt them all on a DVD. Except you get the case and bonus content and everything.

    It's the only DVD that's like that. So far. I have no idea if they're planning to release all of their DVDs that was from now on or if it's the exception.
  • Like the previous poster said, the game DVD is requiring online activation, since it is nothing more than the online downloads burned onto a disc with additional content, as well as an autorun installer. I do, however, like how the autorun can install all the episodes at once, making installation a breeze.

    Concerning the part I quoted, "Disc games don't require online activation", was copied directly off the TellTale support FAQ page located here:

    Technical Questions Section:
    Do Telltale's games have copy protection?

    Currently this is the only negative aspect I see with this title.

    I do wish they would have informed us that they were going to require online activation of this title, regardless of whether you owned the DVD or not. To me, this seems only logical, as this would eliminate the annoyance someone would no doubt have after reading the TellTale Support FAQ area concerning copy protection on the media.
  • Yeah, I can imagine some people might use the DVDs on computers that don't have the Internet, and order them for that purpose. Needing an online activation would definitely be a problem in that case.
  • I'm also disappointed with their decision to go with online activation for the disc version of Wallace and Gromit. I liked the security with previous games that if Telltale ever went under for any reason (God forbid) I would still be able to play them without having to write pesky e-mails if I needed to validate etc. I would seriously think twice about ever requesting a future physical copy of any of their games if this is the direction they are headed. Not a fan of this at all Telltale.
  • worrying news, this is. Bad, bad decision Telltale.
  • So how many times can we install the game before the DVD is useless?
  • You can install off the DVD as much as you want, but I am not sure how many times the activation server will allow you to activate the game without having to contact support to reset your activation.

    The DVD is nothing more than the downloads put onto a disc with a multi-installer that runs all the download installation files, which are also on the disc, and installs them one by one. It also has extras as well.
  • What?! I ordered the game with the understanding that I could get an offline version on DVD eventually, just like they did with the Sam & Max DVD offer. Am I crazy or is this blatant breach of contract?
  • There is no binding agreemet that the disc will have disc based DRM only, so there is no breech of contract. Futhermore, the disc is technically a free bonus. Still, it is misleading at the very least (based on past practice) and I think they've greatly underestimated the value that their customers place on having their games free on online activation.
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