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Q&A With the Design Team

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Hello, honorary Freelance Police! Thanks for pre-ordering the game.

I'm Chuck Jordan, designer and writer of "The Penal Zone", the first episode of "The Devil's Playhouse." I'm also the guy responsible for making sure all the season's stories fit together in some semblance of order.

This thread is for your questions about the new season, as well as "Beyond Time and Space" and "Save the World," and general Sam & Max design-type stuff. I'll be starting out, and as we go on I'll try to rope in the other designers: Mike Stemmle, Andy Hartzell, Joe Pinney, and Dave Grossman.

I'll be answering your questions whenever I've got the time & know-how, with a super-bonus semi-live Q&A today (Monday Mar 15) from 2-3 PM.

So ask away!
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    bubbledncr Telltale Alumni
    freelancehero;274916 said:

    4. Is it painful where Max put his stuff? ...............Wait why am I'm answering that question?

    I had the wonderful privilege of animating a possible answer to this question for season 3.
  • bubbledncr;275147 said:
    I had the wonderful privilege of animating a possible answer to this question for season 3.
    Now THIS is scary :eek:
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    TheHutt;275032 said:
    So you're saying that the lip sync is auto generated depending on the voices, thus playing a game in a localized version would cause the animation to change?
    Yep, we re-run the lip sync system when we get a batch of localized voices. Note that part way through Wallace & Gromit we re-did our lip sync system, and it's way better now. The results are hopefully apparent in Tales of MI, where the characters look a lot less wobbly-mouthed than old Sam & Max stuff. The Devil's Playhouse is the first Sam & Max game to use the new tech, and I think it shows. With the new lip sync, higher res faces, and some light blend shapes going on, Max's mouth and face finally hits a lot more shapes and poses from the comics. It looks nice.
    How are the changes in emotions of characters controlled in the middle of a line?
    When we localize the game, those either end up working out nicely, or they don't. Depends. The system tries to adjust for time if a localized dialog line is longer or shorter, but doesn't always hit perfectly. I think we tend to do better at it than most, but I'm biased.
    3.) Is Majus somehow involved in the design of this game? If yes, what should I look for in the final episodes? How can the "I wonder what happens"-series continue if Majus has so much insight into the games?
    Majus and Suro aren't involved in the design work, but they're doing cutscene stuff in the games. Their first task was to fill the streets of 301 with boozing pigeons and scampering rats and things, but they have since moved on to more technical art and cutscene work. You'll be able to see a Majus cutscene at a climactic point in 302, for instance.
  • bubbledncr;275147 said:
    I had the wonderful privilege of animating a possible answer to this question for season 3.
    ... I'm torn between a simple "wat" or "DEAR GOD WHY?!"

    Both of which would be my round-about way of saying: "Bring it." :cool:
  • Hi guys!
    I really appreciate your work... I think Telltale is the greatest adventure company at the moment! I really like your philosophy on making games, on telling stories and on the relations with players! ;)

    Just one thing: it was already answered that the game will be english only, but what for other languages? Will they ever be available? I know people here in Italy who would have bought Tales of Monkey if only it was in Italian! I know that multi-language in a episode production could be difficult, but you can reach more and more people with it! You can release patch, or make different versions of the game, but please don't do distribution like Atari did: Season 2 (TWO!!!) will be available in Italian in may, after 2.5 years of waiting and only with subtitles. I prefer much more to download patches from your site and buy directly from you. So, any plans about translations?
  • Lackey;275144 said:
    That is INCREDIBLE. Best idea I've heard in a long time.

    That said, are you guys interested in any new properties to work with?

    Like TF2...
    Use minigun with scout
    Use minigun with soldier
    Use minigun with pyro
    Talk to 'self': "Bwahahahaha! What coward sends babies to fight me!"
    Use minigun with demoman
    Use minigun with heavy
    Use minigun with engineer
    Talk to 'self': "Cry some more!"
    Use minigun with medic
    Use minigun with sniper
    Talk to 'friendly-looking medic': "Medic!"
    *switch characters*
    Use knife with heavy's back.
    Talk to 'dead heavy': You died as you lived: morbidly obese!"

    You know, I don't think TF2 lends itself to adventure gaming.
  • Jake;275159 said:
    ...boozing pigeons...
  • Chuck;274757 said:
    No, no game is perfect (...)
    Except the ones you guys make of course
  • The new season (or first episode, at least) seems to be rated E10+, rather than T. Were you guys surprised to get a lower rating, unsurprised (due to it being less edgy, perhaps?), or was it a conscious decision to aim for the rating?

    Basically, should we expect the same levels of subversive naughty humor laced with mild profanity in the past, or has language been toned down a bit (maybe it was the severe amount of bleeped-out four-letter words throughout the first two seasons that netted it a T)?

    Either way, I trust you guys in the fullest to continue delivering on amazing, hilarious games, no matter what rating it has, just curious.
  • Ratings systems are weird. I don't feel like this season is any more or less mature than previous ones. Take that how you will.
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