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Heavy Rain!

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(I was going to make this thread once I finished my Heavy Rain commentary for youtube, but that would take a while. In the meantime...)

So, who's played/bought this game yet? For those who haven't tried it, it's a murder mystery type game, with really weird controls (but they grow on you). It's for PS3.
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  • Radogol;268557 said:
    opps fixed XP
  • Completed Heavy Rain today. It didn't quite reach my expectations as I had set them pretty damn high, but it's an excellent game in my opinion. I would've wished a bit more from the story. It was decent, but could've definitely been better. I was also a bit disappointed how most of the points where you were actually able to alter the storyline a lot were action scenes. I would've liked to have more ways to alter the storyline without action sequences and instead with dialogue choices and moral dilemmas. Another problem was that not knowing what some action icon was for might've made you do actions you never intended to. And that when you activated a trigger event you couldn't do some other actions you would've wanted to do right after as the scene ended from the trigger.

    Hopefully there will be more games like this in the future. I can't get my hands on similar games with better written stories. This was an excellent start for a new kind of gaming, I just hope it won't end up being a one-off, as there is room for improvement left.

    I would strongly recommend Heavy Rain just to understand what this whole buzz is about. Also, I don't really get some of the overly negative comments about this game, especially on The production values are great and there's an interesting story, and you can actually affect the outcome of the story in fundamental ways. There are a lot of places where you do have to think a bit about what to do next. It's not like the game insults anyone's intelligence.

    It's too bad that it is a bit taxing to do another playthrough just to see how different choices affect the outcome. The story wasn't quite interesting enough for me to jump right back at it. But I'm sure I'll play it again sometime with a different approach, granting my main characters slightly different personalities. :)
  • I think the overly negative comments on adventure gamers are mostly by people who have never played the game. Did all your characters survive?
  • Yes, all survived.
  • Hero1;276651 said:
    I think the overly negative comments on adventure gamers are mostly by people who have never played the game. Did all your characters survive?
    I wana kill all mine
  • I loved Heavy Rain! Except for ToMI, there are really very few games that made me feel sorry/happy for the characters.

    [SPOILER] When he cuts off his finger... that totally broke my heart, hearing a grown man cry... my God, that was so intense, I really felt bad about making him do it for 3-4 days...[/SPOILER]
  • I will wait for it to be in the bargain bin... because I know I will not play it more then a few times. Plus Quick time events make me want to punch things.
  • I enjoyed this game quite a bit. I expected more but it wasn't THAT disappointing. I was kind of hoping that the killer would change depending on what choices you made....kinda like the old Clue movie with Tim Curry. Alas, it did not. And it's a bit hard to go back to the game after you've beaten it and know who the killer is.
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