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  • Huh, I was going to try those sites. Thanks for reminding me!:)
  • Err, just for the record: Sybil's crack about dialogue trees and repetition wasn't intended as a crack against the earlier Sam & Max episodes, but videogames in general. That "just keep talking to someone until you hear the same thing said again" mentality that seems unavoidable.
  • How the hell do I do that "click on to reveal spoiler" thing??

    Here's some more references...

    C.O.P.S. arcade game is Sinistar, with the "i hunger" quote

    Zork/Advent: should be obvious, surprised no one mentioned it yet

    (I tried blind typing "xyzzy" during reality 1.5, but nothing happened. I suspect, though, that keyboard input parsing is not a priority for the game coders, for obvious reasons.)


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    ogoun;27819 said:
    How the hell do I do that "click on to reveal spoiler" thing??
    If you want to spoiler tag something:

    [ spoiler ]text here[ /spoiler ] (just leave out the spaces in the brackets)

  • I'm pretty sure the name of the arcade machine in COPS is a reference to Blaster Master.
  • Ahhh, sweet nostalgia! Think I've still got my Commodore 64 in the loft somewhere :)
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