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A way to pass the time until next episode

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I just found out a site with some really brilliant (and addictive) games. They can be found at:

I've known Ultimate Super Stack for a while (my entire family was addicted to that game at one point), but I didn't know there are more games from the same creator. You can also check out "Silence of the Cheeks" which is a cool puzzler and "Prompt Quest" which is a really cool idea for a text adventure.
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  • we pennsylvanians know how to pass the time..... Head Of Local Big Boy Statue Stolen
    Mt. Lebanon police delivered the severed Big Boy head to its rightful owners at the Washington Road Elby's Restaurant at 11:13 a.m. yesterday, after Allegheny County Police found it on an access road in South Park.

    The $2,000 statue's head was lopped off with a sharp instrument between midnight and 6 a.m. Saturday, and the words "The Deceased Hubert H. Humphrey" written on his shirt in black marker.

    Other than a chipped lip, the remains of a campaign sticker and grease, presumably from a chain saw, the head appeared relatively unscathed.

    Mt. Lebanon Deputy Police Chief Pat Donahue said county police from the South Park station called at 2:45 a.m. yesterday and said they'd found the fiberglass head while patrolling park groves.

    "This is our icon," said Elby's Manager Kris Gualazzi as she stroked Big Boy's fiberglass face. "This is the man that does it for us all."

    Gualazzi estimated that the restaurant's business had been up 40 percent since the incident, with customers often stopping to take pictures.
    Police have no suspects but will continue to investigate.

    Gualazzi thinks graduating seniors may be to blame.
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