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Which is the best Monkey Island game so far?

posted by presidentmax on - last edited - Viewed by 13.2K users
Since Tales of Monkey Island is now complete and can be viewed as a full 5th game i was curious what everyones opinion is on their favourite monkey island game so far?
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  • I didn't even notice I had forgotten the w... Thought I had just removed the numbers...
    Next time I'll just call you Hay :P
  • Wow, now that´s an easy choice right there. Le Chuck´s Revenge, for me, is the best Monkey Island game ever created so far, and here is why:

    - Well aging, to some extend realistic 2D gfx (Imagine the Tunnel Scene)
    - A pirate story with an omnipresent dark undertone (Best Story in an MI Game so far)
    - Great Musical Intermissions (Think about the Bone Song)
    - A great overall score throughout the game
    - High Quality German Translation

    This game basically had it all. I hope Lucas does this classic justice, and gives new players a good, fresh port of this gem to enjoy. You can bet i´ll buy this again for my iPhone and PC, if only to support it. I´m curious to hear the voice over too.
  • Lechuck's revenge
  • Wolfstar27;278605 said:
    Hands down its Monkey Island 2 Lechucks revenge, its the first one in the series i played and still my favourite to date,the humour and puzzles, the art, its completely brilliant, however i do like Tales alot, the fifth chapter was my favourite
    Indeed.. well said. Ah back in those days, puzzles. Curse had great puzzles too. Tales.. eh not so much. Still fun though. But not really an adventure game in the real sense. Objects and puzzles secondary? Hmm..
  • Definitely LeChuck's Revenge. For me, it's not just the best MI-game, but the best Adventure-Game ever. As much as I enjoyed and still enjoy TT's offerings, when it comes to puzzles, they pale in comparison to those good old classics. (sorry)
  • Well, since you asked, I will reply! Only the game written by REAL monkeys can be the best Monkey Island game! We should actually be asking ourselves, who is the REAL monkey mastermind behind all this?

    I think it's Jake, but don't tell him that I said so. Masterminds are unpredictable... shhh.
  • I really enjoyed Tales. Possibly more than any of the others, but it could equally be because it was the most recent one I've played..

    So I went with the one I enjoyed most back in the day, which was Curse. :)
  • Definitely one of the best adventure games I've ever played! "Monkey Island 2"
  • Went with my first Monkey island experience, CMI.
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