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How many times to you laugh when playing Monkey Island?

posted by OzzieMonkey on - last edited - Viewed by 434 users
Just a thought. How many times do you laugh on average when you play the series? I would have to say I laugh at least 10 times in each scene of every game, except maybe in EMI, but I still laughed quite a bit at that, but not as hard.
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  • There is no Accounts Payable for amusement, so I've never actually done an inventory of laughter or other expressions of enjoyment.
  • Out loud? I rarely laugh out loud when I'm doing something along. I think it's a fair bet that when I played ToMI I laughed a total of zero times.
    If I was playing with someone else that would be different though. Don't ask me why.
    I'm the same when reading. Maybe once a year or so, something read (book, comic...) makes me laugh.

    But that doesn't mean I don't find it funny. It's just, laughing is a way to show other people you find something funny, if you're alone, why do it?
  • I laughed eleventy-sixteen times.
  • OzzieMonkey;279560 said:
    I would have to say I laugh at least 10 times in each scene of every game.
    10 times in each scene of every game??
    Whoever lives with you must have a hard time. :D

    Anyhow, avistew kind of describes my case quite well. I think I grin a lot while playing, though.
  • Things rarely make me laugh out loud when I'm on my own, so even though I think all the monkey island games are funny, I don't laugh that much while playing them. Having said that, though, out of all the games I've played, Monkey Island ones make me laugh the most.
  • I grin and chuckle quietly quite often when playing Monkey Island games.

    If there is someone else in the room watching though, sometimes we will both laugh out loud. :)
  • I don't laugh out loud to everything...although I had a tendency to chuckle, but with ToMI, I think I actually did laugh out loud. Concerned one of my roommates but once I showed her the scene she giggled out loud as well.
  • I don't need any peer pressure to laugh out loud.
    Some of the most memorable laughs:

    The Cannibals in SoMI: "Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just glad to see us?"

    When you show Murray his glued arm in CoMI the conversation goes something like:

    Murray: What have you done to my arm!?
    Guybrush: I've put glue on it.
    Murray: You're a sick man...

    ToMI E2 and 3 Guybrush: "That's the mast!"

    ToMI E5 Guybrush: "Not that I'm afraid of Murray or anything... Murray is a punk!"

    And all the sexuall undertones in The Siege of Spinner Cay.
  • Dadel;279714 said:
    ToMI E2 and 3 Guybrush: "That's the mast!"
    I still don't know what's funny about that.
  • Generally none, which is odd. I really do enjoy them and find them funny. in TMI, I did actually laugh once, but it wasn't at any of the really funny bits. It was about santino, when one of the pirates said that santino had done yet another thing, and guybrush replies "talk about putting all your eggs into one basket". I dunno why, just really tickled me the idea of this superman pirate who had died and the others were left in their incompetence.
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