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We are SO hiring!

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Haven't heard the news? Sheesh, we've only been saying it everywhere. If you've ever wanted to work for Telltale, now is the time, because we're hiring! A wealth of undiscovered joys await you in lovely Northern California, as you can share philosophical views on video games with your favorite Telltalers over lunch, or play Contra after hours in the meeting room.

You may even hear Mike Stemmle singing.

Think you got what it takes? Head over to our jobs site and show us whatcha got!

We are mainly looking for applicants within the U.S. but all resumes will be looked at.
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  • Actually, I've thought of applying for a job at Telltale a couple of times.
    It's just that I live in the Netherlands... Would Telltale fly me in?
  • Oh, I'm sure it'd be awesome to work for you guys! Ironically, I'm actually looking for full time employment in the animation industry at the moment!

    But I seriously doubt I'd qualify for a job at Telltale. I expect you'd want people who have a certain amount of experience in the industry? That, and I realize that you need to be qualified to work in the U.S. to work for the company!

    Still, maybe in years to come if I gain the relevant experience (and if I become legally qualified to work in America) a job at Telltale might come up that I'd be able to go for.

    Anyway, best of luck to anyone who does apply! There are some great opportunities there!
  • I unfortunately lack the resume to be taken seriously.
  • I'm still available for shameless flirting.
    AND! New offer, I am now available for stalking as well!
  • avistew;279813 said:
    I'm still available for shameless flirting.
    AND! New offer, I am now available for stalking as well!
    YOU are not allowed within 100 feet of the building, madam.
  • I'd love to have a job at Telltale!

    There's just two little problems....

    1. I live in PA.
    2. I'm 13

  • Telltale couldn't handle my unnatural wrath of raw talent.
  • Rent me a place in California and get me a Green Card and I'm over there in a snap... or maybe a few months or so.
  • There's more people with my problem!

    I don't feel that alone now...
  • Damn my underageness and Australia livingness! oh well, I don't really have good programming/artistic knowledge anyhow, but I'm a good writer (I think). That doesn't help either way, coz I live in Australia and I'm only 14.
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