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We are SO hiring!

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Haven't heard the news? Sheesh, we've only been saying it everywhere. If you've ever wanted to work for Telltale, now is the time, because we're hiring! A wealth of undiscovered joys await you in lovely Northern California, as you can share philosophical views on video games with your favorite Telltalers over lunch, or play Contra after hours in the meeting room.

You may even hear Mike Stemmle singing.

Think you got what it takes? Head over to our jobs site and show us whatcha got!

We are mainly looking for applicants within the U.S. but all resumes will be looked at.
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  • Ooh, new question how do you sell your intellectual property to get developed into a game?
  • Joop;279800 said:
    Actually, I've thought of applying for a job at Telltale a couple of times.
    It's just that I live in the Netherlands... Would Telltale fly me in?

    Still up for extremely tedious bughunting if so desired. After all, doing just that now for a Knights of the Old Republic II mod.
    Problem also is I have no "official" experience, just a few mods, and nagging a few companies on their forums :D (although it's quite nice to see those issues fixed as a result, yay!).
  • I am actually up on working some video games, but I'd be more interested in story,producing, concept art and screenwriting, no way you need any of those 8/.

    'sides, I live in Europe, which kills any possibilities for any current activity at Tell Tales.
  • If you clicked on the link you'd see they are in need of a concept artist among other things.
  • MusicallyInspired;279990 said:
    If you clicked on the link you'd see they are in need of a concept artist among other things.
    You're right.

    They are totally really SO hiring.
  • I can manage MS Paint and Microsoft Office.

    Im looking foward to getting your answer.
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    Lindsay Telltale Alumni
    Yo Yo - so to answer a few of the questions posted:

    1. What if I'm totally not a US Citizen??

    Sadly, at this time we are only considering folks who are authorized to work in the US. We aren't doing Visa sponsorships at this time, at least not for full-time gigs.

    We will occasionally break that rule and fly in some crazy-awesome Germans.

    2. What if I don't have any experience???

    Some of our positions are actually a good match for those who are a little (or a lot) light on experience.

    Tester, Cinematic Artist and Assistant Producer are all entry level gigs open to all peoples. Concept Artist is also a possibility, but only if you think you could take on Ryan in a sketching contest.

    3. Is there a deadline for any of these positions??

    Heck nein! Some of the positions, like the Tester and/or Cinematic Artist are almost always open. And even if you apply at the exact moment that I pull the posting off the website, I'm one of those resume hoarders. So I keep everything on file and revisit frequently. I can also say that I'm not the only one, and most of the people here in charge of hiring have an "Applicants" folder where they keep those golden candidates that we just don't have a spot for right now.

    In addition, if you have a creative eye, or just want to do something fun over the weekend that is Telltale related, we have a test that is pretty fun for the Cinematic Artist position. You can access it here:

    Enjoy, and if you have any additional questions I should be back to answer more, or you can reach me directly at [email][/email]
  • What the *** I just download?


    And I totally knew since the very beginning I have to apply to the Green Card lottery. In, like, 3 years more.

    Quick, someone look into the future and see if TellTale will still be hiring in two years after I graduate from school!
  • Applied. I hope you need unstable billionaire industrialists.
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