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Wallace and Gromit DVD Activation

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Under your technical question section for product support, it states this following:

Do Telltale's games have copy protection?

Yes, but we try to keep it as low-key and non-annoying as possible. Our downloadable games use a version of SecuROM that requires online activation. Our disc-based games also use SecuROM. Disc games don't require online activation, but the disc must be in the drive while you play.
My question is why does the Wallace and Gromit DVD require online activation instead of just allowing it to be played when the disc is in the drive?
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  • Yeah, I can imagine some people might use the DVDs on computers that don't have the Internet, and order them for that purpose. Needing an online activation would definitely be a problem in that case.
  • I'm also disappointed with their decision to go with online activation for the disc version of Wallace and Gromit. I liked the security with previous games that if Telltale ever went under for any reason (God forbid) I would still be able to play them without having to write pesky e-mails if I needed to validate etc. I would seriously think twice about ever requesting a future physical copy of any of their games if this is the direction they are headed. Not a fan of this at all Telltale.
  • worrying news, this is. Bad, bad decision Telltale.
  • So how many times can we install the game before the DVD is useless?
  • You can install off the DVD as much as you want, but I am not sure how many times the activation server will allow you to activate the game without having to contact support to reset your activation.

    The DVD is nothing more than the downloads put onto a disc with a multi-installer that runs all the download installation files, which are also on the disc, and installs them one by one. It also has extras as well.
  • What?! I ordered the game with the understanding that I could get an offline version on DVD eventually, just like they did with the Sam & Max DVD offer. Am I crazy or is this blatant breach of contract?
  • There is no binding agreemet that the disc will have disc based DRM only, so there is no breech of contract. Futhermore, the disc is technically a free bonus. Still, it is misleading at the very least (based on past practice) and I think they've greatly underestimated the value that their customers place on having their games free on online activation.
  • Eric528;274629 said:
    There is no binding agreemet that the disc will have disc based DRM only, so there is no breech of contract.
    That's debatable. I think the ability to run a DVD stand-alone is implied. As others have asked: what is the point of a DVD if you still need internet access to Telltale's activation server?

    It should also be noted that they did deliver stand-alone discs for both seasons of Sam & Max. As a returning customer I assumed that the Wallace & Gromit (and Tales of Monkey Island, for that matter) discs would be similar. I don't think this is an unreasonable expection; not informally and not from a consumer rights point-of-view.
    Futhermore, the disc is technically a free bonus.
    To me, the disc is the game, and the online downloads are just to tide me over till the disc arrives. It's not a free item, because it's only available to season customers. It's part of a package deal.

    I think the expectation that a game distributed on DVD can run stand-alone is a reasonable one. If Telltale wants to add online activation, they should have mentioned this fact before I ordered the game. Then I could have made an informed decision on whether to purchase the game or not.
  • While I agree completley that we were mislead and that Telltale really let down their customers here, the fact is the disc is a bonus. We had certain expectations based on past practice that Telltale felt were unimportant to live up to, but they technically fulfilled the agreement to provide a disc at the end of the season.

    It's worth nothing that the first releases of the Bone discs in the store also required online activation and the first Sam and Max disc featured disc based DRM because they were "listening to their customers". I really hate to say it, but the larger Telltale gets, the less they seem to care about the customer.
  • This is surprising and upsetting.

    I order these games online because of the security of knowing a disc-check disc will be provided for the cost of shipping. If this is not the case anymore, I will have to rethink purchasing the games at all frankly, as I do not support online activation DRM normally due to it feeling like a rental, not a purchase.

    Telltale will hopefully be around a long time, but the video game industry has shown us a ton of times that smaller companies (and larger ones) can close, and who knows if you will have the time, resources or interest to patch out the DRM beforehand.

    So... disappointing. I did not get Wallace & Gromit, no interest, but if my Monkey Island DVD has online activation DRM on it then it will be my last.
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