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I'm starting to think I have a glitch on LeChuck's ship.

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On the ship after being dropped from the crowsnest, I can't move Guybrush around with the keyboard or mouse, but I've also clicked on apparently all hotspots and gone through all Dialogue conversations with Elaine (the only option now is "Be Careful". I've been here ages and could really use some help.

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  • I just saw this thread and I have not read any spoilers so please no hints for the moment, my only question is that I also can't move, is this normal? Can I continue or something is wrong? thanks.
  • It's normal that you can't move. Guybrush is getting punched around pretty hard, and is hardly able to stand.
  • Thanks, I'm still in that part. I don't know why they do this but it's kind of annoying to have limited time. It's like a racing game! :(
  • lots of adventure games haved timed puzzles
  • Sailorcuteness;250424 said:
    lots of adventure games haved timed puzzles
    Like Escape and the boulder puzzle.
  • Friar;250432 said:
    Like Escape and the boulder puzzle.
    Except there were no roots this time to help you.
  • Ah I just posted on this - seem to be having the same issue, waited around 10 minutes, nothing - went off and came back after 20 minutes, same spot! Not sure why he won't come and punch me around the ship, and I thought I could move a little earlier(within the same screen). Will re-load later and see if that solves it
  • Hi... so I played that one spot over and over again, where you basically allow LeChuck to strategically abuse you until you're in the right spot. The only thing I've figured so far is that... persistence is the winner.

    You know when he knocks Guybrush's twiggy little body into the right spot ... then just start clicking in a small area where you know he's supposed to go to trigger the next sequence. I haven't found a particular "sweet spot" that just MAKES Guybrush step on the plank... seems fairly random.
  • Friar;250432 said:
    Like Escape and the boulder puzzle.
    Okay. The Boulder Puzzle was the most annoying part of that game. I had to turn the sound off because I started wanting to beat Guybrush up if I had to hear him make that *hrk!* sound one more time (as in every time he launched a boulder).
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