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Q&A with Jared Emerson-Johnson, Friday!

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Hear ye hear ye, Jared is coming to the forums to answer some of your music and sound related questions! Pop in to hear the answers on Friday the 2nd from 10am to 11am PST (he chose this specifically so Europeans can be awake for it, what a guy!)

Let me tell you- Jared is a superhero. He sets the tone of the world with ease, he knocks out sound effects with a single blow, he makes what we do sound AMAZING. It's a fact that Telltale sometimes hires super-human automatons, and investigations as to Jared's actual humanity are pending. Some people are just too talented.

(Fun fact: he's also super-skilled at Beatles Rock Band.)

We're open for questioning, so load 'em up and keep him busy.
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  • I want to know if the Season 3 will have more long Jazz songs.

    Also, I really liked the Consecutive Office song, and I was wondering why you decided to make that specific song an 8 minute long jazz ensemble?
  • It's tomorrowwwwww!
  • I loved your work on TMI, Jared. You're also great at being a crazed arcade machine.

    Anyway, I'm thinking about a career in computer music. I'm pretty handy with Abelton Live, and I wanted to know if you had any advice for me?
  • Are we ever going to get a Useful to Boot instrumental track? I'm kidding. :p

    Have you ever thought about rearranging the original Sam & Max: Hit The Road theme song just for fun and not as something that will play in the game? Jeremy Soule has done something similar at least once, although he posted that "for fun" project on
  • Zeek;281011 said:
    Are we ever going to get a Useful to Boot instrumental track?

    now I want one, just so I can attempt to rap to it
  • If you really want one, go into the files in any season 2 episode and find mus_Wizard.aud, and open it with something that can play aud files, like Audacity.

    It's the music that plays during setup and the driving game in 203. I think it's the same as the music in Useful To Boot, but I don't think all the parts are in the same order.

    I like it. I wish it'd been on the soundtrack.
  • thatdude98;281009 said:
    I loved your work on TMI, Jared.
    Actually, Michael Land composed that music.
  • Ooh, if you listen to mus_Wizard.aud back to back with Useful to Boot (specifically, mus_EndCredits from Reality 2.0), they blend seamlessly. Awesome, it's like Useful to Boot with a long instrumental intro.
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    1) To an outsider, music composition seems to be a very creative endeavour. What happens when/if you don't feel particularly creative or inspired - is it still possible to sit down and churn out the music? Is scoring as natural and procedural to you as, say, programming is to a programmer?

    2) Until you voiced the Marquis de Singe in Tales of Monkey Island, we didn't realise you were freakishly good at anything other than music. What further hidden talents lurk in Jared's unplumbed depths?

    3) The lives of successful musicians are often fraught with the temptation and vice that come with the trappings of fame. You, however, seem like a very down-to-earth young man. How do you manage to "keep it real"? Or have you simply been lucky enough to escape the glare of tabloid journalism thus far?
  • Hey Jared,

    Just wanted to ask you what your favorite experiences were working for Telltale.
    Anything particular you have learned by doing the music for all these games?
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