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Could I have a refund of payment for episode 4 please?

posted by Rich on - last edited - Viewed by 552 users

I've recently had to restore my PC to a previous date due to Windows crashing one day last week, when I'd done this I thought I'd lost my previous purchase and install of Abe Lincoln Must Die! Sam and Max's 4th episode so I bought it again with a view to re-downloading, when I tried to download it I found the original downloaded file saved on my F drive! D'oh!

Anyway as I've now paid twice for the game, could I have a refund for paypal transaction number 5UH19883CV712994N of $10.29 please?

I know I'm probably a pain cos I keep asking for refunds, but I made the second purchase in error.

Your helpful response to this would be appreciated.

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  • Hi Rich,

    It's no problem, just email [email][/email] so we have a record of it.

    Include the email address you used to purchase it or the order number so we can look up the order. Thanks.
  • Could be a scam?
  • Nah, a lot of people accidentally repurchase the game for whatever reason. The "Buy for $8.95" button on the demo page can be confusing if you don't know how Telltale's system works. We should make it clearer. :P

    We can see if people have purchased twice by mistake, just by looking up their orders...
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