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ToMI Coupon problem

posted by RevenantActual on - last edited - Viewed by 186 users
Hi. I got a coupon for ToMI for $15 and had to wait a bit to use it. It says it is good until midnight Sunday April 3rd, so I was going to use it today, and then realized that today is Sunday April 4th. It is now giving me a code invalid error when I try to use it. Did it expire yesterday, and if so, could I maybe get ToMI at the discount as it was the typo in the email that threw me off?
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  • I think I might be in the same situation. I went through to billing, couldn't find my country (United Kingdom? England?) so I went to look on the forum to see if there was any help. When I went back, it wouldn't accept the code. At first, I thought it might be because I had gone too far with the order and the website considered the code used, but it seems more likely that I have the same problem.
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    David E Telltale Alumni
    Sorry about that, guys. Check your PMs.
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