I have a question about any telltale game

if you played a certain amount of an episode and stopped and went back to the main menu, will you choices and dialogue choices be saved and continue? thanks


  • Yes. Episodes have auto-save points to where, if you quit the game and resume later, you will resume at the auto-save point with your previous choices intact before the point where you resume in the story.

    Before you start the game's main menu, you will usually see a screen informing you of an "Auto Save Icon" to watch out for on the screen whenever the game is auto saving.

  • Be wary, as sometimes the game will change your choices regardless of what you do (this has happened to me with almost every TTG game).

  • Just dont restart the chapter. the newer games dont like it and wont save your choices

  • Yeah. The small animation/icon that appears usually on right-middle-side of screen means the game saved

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