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We are SO hiring!

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Haven't heard the news? Sheesh, we've only been saying it everywhere. If you've ever wanted to work for Telltale, now is the time, because we're hiring! A wealth of undiscovered joys await you in lovely Northern California, as you can share philosophical views on video games with your favorite Telltalers over lunch, or play Contra after hours in the meeting room.

You may even hear Mike Stemmle singing.

Think you got what it takes? Head over to our jobs site and show us whatcha got!

We are mainly looking for applicants within the U.S. but all resumes will be looked at.
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  • Woah he quit Hothead didn't he. Weird.
  • I see some of the others already beat me to it. Yes, please do hire R.Gilbert. Now if we could only get Tim Schafer on the payroll....
  • I'll just echo the same sentiments. This is a chance you can't possibly pass up, people.
  • Man, that seems like big news to me. Considering that the Holy Trinity of Monkey Island designers were in the same room last month, some words must have been exchanged regarding Ron's future. (But the "don't jump to any conclusions" part kills the optimist in me.)
  • They have Mike Stemmle and Dave Grossman ... Might as well get Ron.
  • Telltale's collecting them all like action figures. Tim better watch his back.
  • Giant Tope;283721 said:
    Telltale's collecting them all like Pokémon. Gotta catch 'em all!™
  • Could you fine gentlemen hire Sander Cohen? He's an excellent artist!
  • I am SO going to apply a year or so from now when you guys aren't hiring anymore :D
  • My idea how to tie MI3A into the series without making it canon:

    In CMI style, the camera moves from Monkey Island to Guybrush's big ship, fighting against the big waves of a storm in the middle of the night. Very piratey. The camera proceeds to move below deck, and into one of the cabins, where Guybrush lies on a hammock and slowly dozes off and into dream. He suddenly awakens in the underground tunnels in Monkey Island 2. The introduction part is a shortened version of the underground chase from LeChuck. The game then proceeds the story from beyond where MI2 ended.

    At the end of this MI3A, Guybrush wakes up in his hammock with his ship stranded on Monkey Island. Well, could be anywhere, and the ending could really be anything, but the main part is he dreams the whole MI3A, and thus keeping the canon intact. Another idea is we go back and forth between dream and reality, and everything that happens that particular night on the ship is a short side story, and the main part of the game takes place in Guybrush's dreams.

    When he wakes up, he could say "woah, what a nightmare. I'm glad THAT didn't happen" or something. Especially because A) he'd probably not be married to Elaine, and B) if Ron's MI3 really means the end for the story, it would mean the end for Guybrush. Obviously, he wants a life. Cue an endleass stream of new games in the series.
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