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Purchase not complete?

posted by Serpream on - last edited - Viewed by 514 users
I purchased the season 1 complete today only to find that i cannot play it.
Being a student i will admit i did a "Full" trail you buy of the episode. Yet now im disgusted after paying i cannot play any of them :/

I get a happy error of

"Your purchase is not complete. Please reattempt payment. (ARM1014)"

Thats when i use my username and password where it asks for "order Number"

and i get

"The name/key you entered does not appear to be valid. Please try again."

When i actualy use my order number where it requests it.

I have also tried using the My order page and downloaded reinstalled and even voodoo danced around my pc.

Any chance of help will be great, i have already emailed surport but hoping for some advice quicker off others.

*Edit* Seems the payment process aint complete even thou i used an paypal instant and verfied bank transfer. Checked paypal and moneys out. Time to wait.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    If something continues to screw up, write to [email][/email], and Emily or Nick or maybe New Guy (whose name I forget (urp)) will help you out in the very near future!
  • Already have, and said :/ now been a day and still no product :/
  • The "purchase not complete" thing indicates a delay in payment (a problem on the ecommerce side) or a problem with Digital River's server. I just checked your order, which looks fine to me, so probably when you first tried running the games there was a momentary glitch. It's very possible that if you run them again now, they will activate automatically.

    If they don't, we will send you activation keys shortly (or you can try redownloading by looking up your order here). Entering the order number and password to activate the demo version almost never works for Season 1 customers - more info here.

    Sorry we haven't gotten back to it yet, it's been a very busy day and we're also training a new support guy. (It had only been about five hours between when you emailed it and when you posted here, though -- we must be in a different time zone than you. ;))

    You should have a response very soon! Thanks for your patience. :)
  • Thank you.

    Sorry if i sounded sharp, but sadly as a student i had one glorious day to play before i have to write 3 essays and finish a game mockup.

    Thanks for the codes.
  • No problem. I'm sorry you had the problem in the first place. :p
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