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Doctor Who goes episodic... but not with Telltale

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I know there are a couple of threads about this, but I thought I'd make a new one since there's been official news here.
Broken Sword creator Charles Cecil and Sheffield-based studio Sumo Digital have been signed up to make Doctor Who: The Adventure Games.

The episodic, PC/Mac games are billed as an extra four episodes for the new 13-show series five run which began in the UK during the Easter weekend.

But most importantly: the games are made in very close collaboration with the show's new production team - and they are completely free.

The Adventure Games consist of four downloads of around 250MB featuring the eponymous Doctor and his companion Amy in encounters with iconic enemies - actors Matt Smith and Karen Gillan have supplied their likeness and voices to the game.
You might know Sumo Digital from games such as Virtua Tennis and New International Track & Field, and of course Charles Cecil as the creator of the Broken Sword series. The games will be released for free (the BBC can't charge for its content) through the official Doctor Who website.

So there we go! Apparently it was commissioned in early 2009, so this has been planned for a long time. Here's an indepth interview with Stefan Moffat and Piers Wenger for more details about 'The Adventure Games'.
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  • Can't wait for this!
  • Friar;284314 said:
    Yes, but it'll still be offputting to a large portion of potential consumers. Plus, you'd have to get it from shady websites. Personally, i think everyone should have access to it, but the BBC may have other ideas.

    How is Doctor who aired other their? On bbc worldwide? Or on SciFi (syfy?)? I know they don't bother with filters on the bbc worldwide stuff (on Youtube, they haven't filtered out their old doctor who episodes (1960's->80's) that they uploaded onto their channel, or at least thats what i gather from the comments.
    In the US, I think it's on BBC America. In Australia, it's on the ABC (which is funded by the Government).

    In fact, Australia's ABC's iView (similar to BBC's iPlayer or other channel's streaming video) will get the new Doctor Who next Friday, 2 days before it airs on broadcast television here.

    I'm hoping the games are made available to other networks that air the show for free, or the BBC just realises there's no point trying to DRM a game they're releasing for free and just allow anyone to get it worldwide.

    I doubt there would be anything in a Doctor Who game that makes it unsuitable for all ages... well maybe parents should stop their 5 year olds from playing it alone, but ages 10+ are pretty safe with Doctor Who.
  • Haha, dang, I am not surprised. If the concept art is anything to go by though, these will be a great series of games.
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    Friar;284318 said:

    Thats London, i think, although the caption reads How much for a taxi to Gallifrey?

    Yep, that's London - a ruined Trafalgar Square in fact.

  • Man, why didn't they jsut let Revolution do this if they got Charles Cecil on board, more waiting for Broken Sword 5 now.

    Game looks good though :p
  • JedExodus;284502 said:
    Man, why didn't they jsut let Revolution do this if they got Charles Cecil on board, more waiting for Broken Sword 5 now.

    Game looks good though :p
    Because Revolution only has two full time employees now (based on an interview with Cecil in February this year), they get in freelancers and the like or use another studio when making their games (like Sumo Digital). I'd guess the BBC went to Cecil about the project and he got Sumo Digital involved.

    As for Revolution, I don't think BS5 will be here anytime soon. In a recent (last month) post on the Revolution forum Tony Warriner stated what they are currently working on now:

    (broken sword) pc/mac director's cut
    (broken sword) iPad director's cut
    a new-ip non-adventure Pocket-Revolution game
    a new-ip Revolution adventure design
    the broken sword movie script
  • puzzlebox;284488 said:
    Yep, that's London - a ruined Trafalgar Square in fact.

    I really need to go back there. I didn't recognise it without the mock-energy efficient seethrough house that was there last time...
  • @CorruptBiggins Yeah but I spied a post on the forum saying they do plan a BS5 in 2D at some point, so we've gotta play the waiting game
  • Looks good, I can't wait.
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