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Anyone who has played 301 on iPad!

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How do you get the power core?!
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  • As a hint, try to get everyone out of Stinky's diner.
  • I am stuck at the point. I knew that I at least had to get the chick to leave. Sam's hint is that finding the power core will require some real detective work. To me, that means I need help from the private detective in the diner, but he will never finish his meal and talk to me.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Max can see the future, you know...
  • Okay so I don't know how to do spoiler covers so here I go : first get everyone out the the diner by using lottery ticket hmmm how do you get that(work it out, I just give hints) and call stinky and say to meet. After go in stinkys diner and look behind the counter for a button...
  • Okay another hint more detail though the ticket for skunk apes vacations are in the personnel effects box by the door in the ship that the mole went through give this to Harry (after listening to the radio in the future) an BOOM! You got a lottery ticket hope this helps if it doesn't feel free to comment
  • I didn't need to know how to get the lottery ticket and besides, I've beaten the game already.
  • I know that I néed her to get out of the restaurant by calling her. But how do I call her cell phone?? I obviously missing something, but I am stuck
  • okay sorry. Also i need your help this time. So ive got the rift generator plugged it in but i get a hint saying i need some unholy power to power it pls tell me wat that is
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