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Out of control Batman thread!

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I was thinking that we could talk about Batman. This is the thread where anything Batman related goes.

Personally I really like Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan's movies. I also enjoy some episodes of the cartoon every once in a while (btbtb). The subjects of conversation however, are endless. I'm just gonna see what you guys would like to discuss and go from there :D

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    The best Batman movie ever made: Dead End (it's an independent 8 minute short film)

    Watch in fullscreen in a dark room for heightened effect.

    Don't read anything about it before watching, don't read the youtube comments etc. There's an amazing reveal that's easily spoiled.
  • Mask of the Phantasm is the best Batman film. I have no idea what you guys are talking about.

    The Dark Knight and Batman Begins are the first live action films to "get" Batman. Don't get me wrong, the 1989 Batman film isn't a bad movie. It's just that Burton doesn't get Batman, or the Joker for that matter.
  • I personally love all the films - apart from Batman & Robin. It's awful. I did really like Forever though!

    I do think Dead End was very good, especially as indie films go, but I think The Dark Knight, and Mask of the Phantasm wiped the floor with it!

    Anyone read Hush?
  • Dead End is okay, but it doesn't go anywhere, the Joker is a bit annoying, and uh....yeah. The makeup and costumes were perfect, but that Joker. THAT JOKER.

    And watching Mask of the Phantasm here recently, it definitely is a great film with great music, BUT...

    The Joker was tacked on. Sure, it was a great performance by Mark Hamill, and the Joker was both terrifying and diabolical. But he was out of place. And they ruined the ending of it by showing whats-her-name still alive. I mean, so what, what happened to the Joker? Did he die? I thought they both died...but yet there SHE is. So was her whole quest for NOTHING? EXPLAIN, MOVIE! EXPLAIN!!

    Now I will admit some things the movie did beautifully was the portrayal of Bruce Wayne/Batman, which was the best in the series. The humor was spot on, as was Alfred, and the romance, and the action. The look and feel of the movie was great, and it was a very well written mystery.

    Personally my favorite Batman movie is The Batman-Superman Movie. I love the dynamic with Batman and Superman contrasted with the dynamic between Lex Luthor and The Joker. And of course Harley Quinn and Lex' also had a small sub rivalry? The whole thing was done very well, and it's a very underrated classic.

    However, on an unrelated note, my favorite DC animated movies fall somewhere in-between Batman-Superman, Wonder Woman, or Green Lantern: First Flight.
  • I like batman beyond return of the joker

    I also love the joker XD
  • I like batman beyond return of the joker

    I also love the joker XD

    Oh crap! How did I forget about this one! I retract my previous post; this one is definitely my favorite. How it tied in the Animated Series with that screwed up ending, and what the Joker did to Tim Drake. That was insane, and definitely definitely the best story DC Animated ever put to film.
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