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Peeved at Ipad early launch!!!???

posted by vektsilver on - last edited - Viewed by 1.4K users
I am feeling a little ticked off that TellTale gave the Ipad first dibs on Sam N Max when its the PC community on this website that has been faithfully buying the game from the start.

Evey time I see pre-order for this game or ToMI, I jump right on it only to be told my pre-order launch is now going to be after the Ipad folks. Who might I mention dont really have a huge install base yet.

Seems like a disservice to the loyal customer base to me. Anyone else feel the same ?
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  • I can't even comprehend why anyone would be upset about this.
  • der_ketzer;284850 said:
    No. Since I live in germany I will miss the release of the games most times. I'm used to it by now.
    When Tales came out I feverishly tapped my F5 button into the wee hours, if only to play for a bit so I could postulate on the puzzles and plot the next day in work while I was half-asleep
  • LuigiHann;284854 said:
    I can't even comprehend why anyone would be upset about this.
    I know, it's like when you're back in the first grades of school and you're jealous of another kid's toy.
  • I'm not very upset, after all, we get it next week!
  • Wii players: are you upset that you do not receive your games the same time as PC players? PC/Mac players: do you own iPad? If not (to both), it doesn't really matter. If you can't play, you can't play. If you want to play, get the friggin platform.

    I'm from Finland. It was common in 90's that we received games half a year to a year after US players. And no one really complained. But, of course, that was before internet.
  • I have mixed feelings about this. I'm very happy for TellTale that they've been given the opportunity to be one of the launch apps for the iPad, and am glad they will get the extra money. I am not mad at TellTale. On the other hand, I have always been jealous if someone else gets the game days, hours, or even minutes before I did. Not insane WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS SHIT jealous, but jealous nontheless.
    The fact that it runs like crap is somewhat comforting, although it's sort of safe to assume TellTale will at least try to patch that. Still, on the positive side, it's safe to assume that won't happen before the PC release.
    What angers me the most is that, once again, the rich get it first. No, wait, that's not it. It's that the rich AMERICANS get it first. I've always been screwed for living in Israel, there's nothing here. The iPhone only arrived earlier this year (not that I care much, it's just an example). And over there, across the sea and the ocean, a lucky enough person to live in the right place and have the money for it, gets it before I did. AGAIN. This is supposed to be one of the things that internet-based distribution is supposed to eliminate.

    But, of course, as fate had it, a kid in my school was in America that day, and got himself an iPad. He doesn't really like sharing it. :mad:
    That makes me even more jealous, because he's rich enough to travel to USA and back and get himself an iPad, and think nothing of it.

    He won't get SaM, that's for sure, but this is a pretty messed up world.

    In the end I only hate one thing - apple. Here is how apple works:
    1. Find something cool that they can use.
    2. Develop it so it's all smooth.
    3. Attatch it to crappy hardware and sell it. No, wait, sorry. I meant steal money.
    4. Make a "new version".
    5. Sell it for more, screwing over the previous customers.
    6. "One more version, then we're done with it."
    7. Make a "new product".
    8. Sell it for ten times its cost. Again.
    9. Profit!
    10. ?

    Let me tell you what the question mark is. The question mark is some point in the future when everyone will realise what the apple morons are doing, and murder every single employee. Amen to that.

    Conclusion: Apple, fuck you.
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  • Yes, someone is aiming for an aneurism before 20. And hopefully a deleted post.
  • Oh, come on, I'm only saying what I think... True, I got 'a little' sidetracted, but it's sorta relevant and I think it's pretty much true. As I stated in the post I'm not mad at TellTale, because they barely had any choice here, it would have been kind of stupid in some ways not to take this opportunity if they could.
  • Everyone's gonna get it eventually. What does it matter what system it was released on first? It's not even that long of a wait between releases. The first season of Sam & Max was released on GameTap before anything else. I don't remember so much complaining about it back then....or was there?
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