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Streaks of Word Play

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First attempt at a comic (as a finished work anyway; I "finished" two previous versions that each had typos)

Came here thanks to Penny-Arcade, but I did remember reading Sam & Max comics somewhere in the foggy years of yore and it's warming to know these guys are back.

I'd appreciate people voting on it if they like it, as well as any responses here in the forum. Cheers.
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  • I voted for it! :)

    Welcome, btw.
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    Thank you for the support, to celebrate I have made another comic; rather than flood with new threads I think I will post the link in this thread too.

    Title: You *CAN* Beat a Dead Horse

    I won't win any points for originality on this one, but hopefully it is worth your while.
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    "anything to bring a breath of like..." or
    "anything to bring a breath of life..." ?

    sorry... i couldn't resist...

    Edit: i voted for both of them... I WANT A HUG! 2 HUGS!
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    Oh gawd... thank you for pointing that out... I can't belive I missed that... especially when it was my THIRD attempt to do so. There's even an "of" in there I didn't want but doesn't seem to bad.... but yes, it was supposed to be "life"... kills the punchlines when there's no way for me to edit my own cartoon... darn it. :(

    Edit: I suppose I could make a 4th version, if I could get you guys to re-vote that is :( I really wish I could get the others deleted though, seems very lame of me to keep trying and failing to make it typo free....
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