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ANSWERED: Q&A with... Steve Purcell!

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Yes. This is the awesomest thing.

Creator of Sam and Max and all around awesome guy Steve Purcell will be answering questions ongoing throughout this week! We'll be doing the questions in batches to allow for Steve's busy schedule so there's no official dates or times to speak of.

Have a life altering query? Maybe just a casual inquiry? Questions about Sam and Max, Telltale's games, or the meaning of life can all be posted here and magically answered through the powers of the internet!

WHEE! The first batch has been answered! They start right here:
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  • Was Sam's grandma made up for the cartoon? She was awesome and I'd love to see her again somewhere.
  • Of all the Telltale original characters, which is your favorite? Or favorites, if it's difficult to choose.
  • Hello, Mr. Purcell. I purchased Surfin The Highway from Telltale, and I love it like it was my own book offspring.

    Anyway, onto the questions

    Q: Are there any new Sam and Max strips for the future?

    Q: If some bigshot company like Fox or Warner Bros came to you to make another Sam and Max TV series like Freelance Police, would you go through with it?
  • Do you find it odd that I find you to be the coolest middle aged person on the planet?
  • Have you considered finalizing your alternate Tales of Monkey Island cover designs?
  • Ooh, I have a few questions.

    Is it just a coincidence how "Mack Salmon" sounds a bit like "Max Sam and?"

    I may be wrong here, but I thought I saw your name in the credits somewhere in The Secret of Monkey Island, and I don't mean for the box art. Did you have some kind of influence with the story or characters or anything?

    There are quite a few (beautiful) jokes in the Surfin' the Highway book that were just insanely random, like the "you can put your hands down now" conversation on the moon. Were you just being completely random (in a good way), or do some of these jokes have back stories?

    Have you or are you ever planning to voice any characters in a game?

    I still owe you a dollar. Please don't melt me with your lasers.
  • OK. First let me say, Steve Purcell, you're like- my favorite comic book related dude!

    A few questions:

    Are you ever afraid of Telltale taking Sam and Max in a direction you don't like? Do you have final say on everything? Have you ever shot down anything?

    Is there a snowball's chance in hades that there could ever be a Defenders of Dynatron City collection released? Who owns the rights to that anyway? Was that all you, or did you just work on the comics?

    That's all I can think of for now.
  • Hey, awesome!

    1) What is it you actually do at Pixar? I think you were mentioned once on the Cars(?) DVD as the guy who "is always drawing monsters", and I think I read somewhere else that you designed the banshee in Mater & the Ghostlight (this guy:, but I would love to hear more about your work at Pixar.

    2) Can you imagine Sam & Max in a game that isn't an adventure game?

    3) Is there anything the Sam & Max-games haven't done yet that they should do? And a semi-related question: how do you feel about characters returning from the comic in the Telltale games? What do you think about how Flint Paper was portrayed in Season 2 (and, judging by the trailer, season 3), and do you think characters like Mack Salmon (I still think the title of the second episode is a reference to him rather than to Sam & Max) or locations like the Slothmart could (and should) return in the games?

    4) What does the future hold for Sam & Max? Any ideas for new comics/cartoons/lunchboxes?

    5) What is your favorite Telltale Sam & Max-episode or scene/joke?
  • How did you go about creating a story for the Sam & Max comics? Do you think a Special Edition of Sam & Max:Hit the Road would work or is even needed?
  • Hello Steve! Thank you for being awesome and for answering our questions! :D

    1. I've always wondered about this... why a dog and a rabbit? Why not a dog and a cat? Or a cat and a hamster? HOW did you actually come up with Sam and Max?

    2. What do you think/feel about fanart regarding your creations? Was there any piece of fanart that annoyed you or got you thinking "this went too far!" ?

    3. If I would like to make a few musical tributes for Sam and Max, do I have your approval on this? I mean, you won't sue me, right? Right?? I plan on working with my friend Kurt (Icedhope), so you can sue him!

    Well, that's it... I don't want to bother you too much. Thank you for the Monkey Island Cover and may you always be able to draw with all your heart!
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