Your Favourite Relaxing Soundtracks?

What soundtracks makes you feel relaxed? My favourite one is "Save Heaven" from Resident Evil (2002).


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    Witcher 1 and Witcher 3
    It has this nostalgic feeling and it's very peaceful. And of course I couldn't forget to mention that these have both my favorites Slavic and Viking vibes,

    Well, these are the compilations of peaceful tracks but you get the idea.

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  • From the movie American Beauty, the entire soundtrack is amazing.

    From the TV show Hannibal.

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  • I just love the music from the videogame "Odyssey". It makes me feel both relaxed and in another dimension.

  • The Minecraft alpha soundtrack. Some of the ones I like are Subwoofer Lullaby and Minecraft.

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    This song is something I found from an [adult swim] bump, if you want to count that as a "soundtrack"

  • 2 words: Boxcat Games

    YES, THAT'S 2!

    Like a embarrassingly large amount of my music I picked it up from Defend The House and while I've never even played the app the soundtrack originates from, the music is good enough on its own. (Also royalty free if you want to use it. Thanks BoxCat Games!)

  • Some other good ones are key, Living mice, Mice of Venus, Sweden, Danny, And one of their newer songs, Aria Math. Just listened to Dead Voxel HOLY CRAP!!!

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    The Minecraft alpha soundtrack. Some of the ones I like are Subwoofer Lullaby and Minecraft.

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    "To The Moon"

    • 0:00 The main theme
    • 14:57
    • 17:08
    • 18:50 The original piano performance of the first song,
    • 22:16
    • 24:33 Orchestral piece
    • 26:47 Winter themed
    • 29:53 Orchestral
    • 32:00 leads to a stunning vocal 33:41
    • 41:28
    • And lastly, 49:17, another stunning vocal.

  • I don't know, either "independent奇sayKISS," or "eye-water," found in attack on titan.

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    I really enjoyed playing Thomas Was Alone but its soundtrack was the best part. David Housden combined electronic music with pianos and guitars to create something truly fascinating. This soundtrack expresses geometrical theme of the game but flattens out corners to make it sound smooth. Some tracks make me feel like I'm either floating above Earth or descending somewhere down the abyss.

    "Me and Earl and the dying girl" hit me hard in the feels - partly because of the music. It fits so well into the story and gives each scene life. After I finished watching, I immediately went to Youtube to search for the ost.

    "Her" is so beautiful and underrated. I recommend you to watch it if you haven't. I absolutely loved the color palette combined with music and deep story.

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