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ANSWERED: Q&A with... Steve Purcell!

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Yes. This is the awesomest thing.

Creator of Sam and Max and all around awesome guy Steve Purcell will be answering questions ongoing throughout this week! We'll be doing the questions in batches to allow for Steve's busy schedule so there's no official dates or times to speak of.

Have a life altering query? Maybe just a casual inquiry? Questions about Sam and Max, Telltale's games, or the meaning of life can all be posted here and magically answered through the powers of the internet!

WHEE! The first batch has been answered! They start right here:
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  • Will you ever finish the Sam and Max story about max being shot and replaced with and monkey?
  • Tjibbbe;285301 said:
    Hey, awesome!

    1) What is it you actually do at Pixar? I think you were mentioned once on the Cars(?) DVD as the guy who "is always drawing monsters", and I think I read somewhere else that you designed the banshee in Mater & the Ghostlight (this guy:, but I would love to hear more about your work at Pixar.
    On a related note, did you work on Ratatouille and just weren't credited? Some of the human characters look a lot like something you would draw, particularly the blocky Souse Chef that "killed a man using his thumb."

    BTW, loved your Carl temp voice you did for the Al & George short advertising the UP DVD.:D[/Pixarfanboy]
  • Does Mack Salmon really have a backstory?

    If so ... what the heck is Mack Salmon's backstory?
  • Sam and Max is awesome and I thank you for bringing it to life!

    Questions, I can't think of many. Except, perhaps, have you ever wondered if a future Sam and Max game would include the Bigfoots?
  • When are we getting plushies? I want plushies! :D
  • Why when I have the chance to ask something to somebody who always I wanted to ask him something, I'm pretty much blank? I was talking about that with some friends, and we come I have to ask this:

    Why when I have the chance to ask something to somebody who always I wanted to ask him something, I'm pretty much blank? (I'm serious)
    Which is the meaning of life? 42?

    After this I need an actual personality. Really.

    Ok, this is the only thing I think I can really tell to you, so here's I go:
    When I recieved my Surfin' the Highway copy and after I read it for first time, it got stolen by my sister. She can't read English too well (We're Natural Spanish) but she was amased by the artwork. She's an artist and her style is pretty much japanese manga style, but when she took the book and read it, she suddenly remember how the comics from our childhood were. She said she pretty much forgotten how comics outside manga looks like and she was facinated by the whole book. In fact, she wrote about the comic book in a forum of Spanish Webcomic artists before I got the chance to talk about it, with pretty much surprise me.

    Well, that. Now I'll hide in my bunker to try to think in a question, or maybe dig up some personality out of somewhere.
  • Did you put the Mac Salmon which is salmon mac(which sounds like sam and max) on purpose or was that just something you didnt really think of.

    If you were to go back and alter any character majorly in any type of media, who would it be.
  • 1. How involved are you in Sam&Max 3? and the series as a whole?

    2. How is someone like Max allowed to work in law enforcement?
  • How do you feel about people whose first exposure to Sam and Max was through the Telltale games? When the first season came out, I was mildly familiar with your work, but as the season went on, I became sort of a fanboy :P Thanks for taking time to answer these questions!
  • Hello, Steve.
    As far as story, gameplay and fun goes, what's your favorite TTG Sam & Max game/episode, and why?

    1)Culture Shock
    2)Situation: Comedy
    3)The Mole, the Mob, and the Meatball
    4)Abe Lincoln Must Die!
    5)Reality 2.0
    6)Bright Side of the Moon

    7)Ice Station Santa
    8)Moai Better Blues
    9)Night of the Raving Dead
    10)Chariots of the Dogs
    11)What's New, Beelzebub?
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