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ANSWERED: Q&A with... Steve Purcell!

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Yes. This is the awesomest thing.

Creator of Sam and Max and all around awesome guy Steve Purcell will be answering questions ongoing throughout this week! We'll be doing the questions in batches to allow for Steve's busy schedule so there's no official dates or times to speak of.

Have a life altering query? Maybe just a casual inquiry? Questions about Sam and Max, Telltale's games, or the meaning of life can all be posted here and magically answered through the powers of the internet!

WHEE! The first batch has been answered! They start right here:
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  • i like ur art.

    Who/what are your artistic inspirations? How much of your time is spent to art? Beatles or the Ramones?
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    Steve Purcell, you're awesome.

    Q: When your brother came up with Sam & Max did they already have the same persona they have now?
  • Would you like a baked potato?
  • Hello Steve,

    2 quick questions for you...

    1) What sort of music do you listen to regularly?

    2) Do you still have the majority of the early (your brother's) Sam & Max cartoons? Any chance of these getting published in a collection?

    Thanks for taking the time to answer!
  • What's your opinion of Guybrush's hair in the Special Edition of Secret of Monkey Island? Because it was very unpopular among fans, but I personally liked it.
  • Just one question I can think of:

    How the hell did you come up with this crazy dog and rabbity thing idea in the first place?

    EDIT: Sorry, I see this has already been asked and I guess answered elsewhere. But any further explanation would be great ;)
  • at what point was it in your life that you decided you wanted to become an artist?
    was it an easy transition for you into the world of gaming?
    and finally, what was it for you that made you say, "hm... there may really be something here to sam and max, i should pursue this!"

    and of course, thank you so much for all the faboulous sam and max you've blessed my childhood with, i still remember the day my cousin introduced me to hit the road. please stay creating adventures for our cherished freelance police as long as you can.
  • and i'm really curious to know, what versions of sam and max (television, games, comics) do you think best captured your characters?

    alternatively, are there any people who you think have voiced some of your creations exceptionally well?
  • Could you draw me a sheep ?
  • Not really a question. Please make a Sam & Max movie with Pixar!

    Also, now for a question:
    When you first wrote the comics, did you imagine the voices for the characters in your head? And if so do the voices in the adaptions (TV, games) match up close to your imagination?
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