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Possible to turn off autoplaying videos?

posted by Fury on - last edited - Viewed by 2.4K users
Hey Telltale.

I really like the new site design, but I don't like how the videos autoplay when I load up the main page. I've already watched the videos and the sound just startles me half the time.

Is there a way to turn them off, or should I just go straight to the forums instead of viewing the main page first?

Thanks in advance
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  • If you're using Firefox, give the Flashblock add-on a try. It blocks all Flash (duh) by default, and you can whitelist sites you visit frequenty where Flash usage doesn't bug you.
  • I think it is really annoying, too. Esprecially because I visit the Site very often when I'm bored.
  • At least when they had the embedded videos before, you could mute them and it would remember the mute the next time I loaded. Now that they are using an embedded Youtube video, that no longer works.

    Please don't do stuff like this, TTG. It is quite annoying seeing as I load the main page regularly.
  • I don't want to disable Flash, and I don't like putting deep bookmarks into the site to skip the main screen, but I don't like the auto-playing video, either, so I have gotten used to hitting a tab as quickly as possible to navigate away from the front page.

    How about making them silent by default, with a button the user can press to enable audio (and restart it easily)? That's how most less-pushy autoplay sites do it.
  • I think roll-over would be best, or having a button you have to press to play the video.

    I'm not gonna bother installing third-party flash stuff just to stop the videos. For the moment, I'm just bypassing the main page and heading to blogs first.
  • Another plea for a way to disable the autoplay video! Even which for years has been notorious for having autoplaying videos that were unavoidable, finally instituted a "Disable autoplay" button you could press.
  • Yeah, I also don't like the autoplaying video. In general, I do not like the fact that the first thing that greets you is a playing trailer. There should be a big button saying "click here for the Sam and Max trailer" and that's it.
  • seant;382635 said:
    you can now disable the autoplaying videos.
    thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!11!!!!!
  • I love the concept! There's one slight problem, though. I like to log out when I'm done with the forums. The Log Out link on the forums goes to Telltale's home page. And because I'm logged out, it just lost my preference, and it autoplays. Maybe set up Log Out to go to some other page instead? Or set up something so it knows to stay non-autoplaying. Or get rid of the autoplaying by default. :)
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