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205 - The nitrous container

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Oh boy, was this a puzzle? Anyone resolved the nitrous container puzzle? I just read it and never thought of using it that way.
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  • Pretty sure I figured that one out myself, yeah.
  • Yeah, it was pretty obvious to me. Conversation with the COPS reveals that laughing gas can be used as an anaesthetic, or to make your car go fast. When you get some, it's being used as an anaesthetic, and your car is going slow.

    I didn't realise that going over the ramp was part of the puzzle, but it was a natural thing to do.
  • I was so scared when I read the title... I was like "Dammit! There's a nitrous container in the Penal Zone! Oh wait".

    Anyway, I just know, for some reason, I have to use it with the deSoto. I just knew it.
  • I think this episode is my personal hell!
  • By the way, isn't there a plot hole? When they get out of their personal hells they are still in spirit form. How come that when Sam gets out of his personal hell, he is free and not in spirit?
  • He didn't die beforehand, so he his soul was still in his body.

    That doesn't explain how Santa is a spirit when gets out, though. And doesn't this mean Satan still owns Sam's soul?

    The episode was my personal Hell because I really enjoyed it, but whenever I went to the sewer, it would freeze for minutes. I could go make myself a sandwich and come back to it still frozen.

    I have a better computer now, so that doesn't happen anymore.
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