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Q&A With the Design Team

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Hello, honorary Freelance Police! Thanks for pre-ordering the game.

I'm Chuck Jordan, designer and writer of "The Penal Zone", the first episode of "The Devil's Playhouse." I'm also the guy responsible for making sure all the season's stories fit together in some semblance of order.

This thread is for your questions about the new season, as well as "Beyond Time and Space" and "Save the World," and general Sam & Max design-type stuff. I'll be starting out, and as we go on I'll try to rope in the other designers: Mike Stemmle, Andy Hartzell, Joe Pinney, and Dave Grossman.

I'll be answering your questions whenever I've got the time & know-how, with a super-bonus semi-live Q&A today (Monday Mar 15) from 2-3 PM.

So ask away!
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    Did it ever occur to you for you to be playing the game and saying "We shouldn't have done that like this..." or " Oh, this would look better like this."? If so, in wich situations?
  • Huh? Are artists ever pleased with their work?
  • At last i got nearly read all questions! It was a hard work... phew :p
    At this point is difficult to ask new questions, nearly all have already been answered, but I've got some! :D

    I'm also a supporter of the GNU/Linux world and as well I'd like to see a Linux port of the game, because now that you have done ports to OpenGL for PS3 and Mac, and minor versions like ES it wouldn't be much hard to make the Linux version. But you have your point in not to make it though... :(
    That was one question I wanted to ask, but it's already answered, although I encourage you to make a port for getting more people into Linux each time so we all can have more games in our favorite OS! :D

    Another question... About the Narrator of the trailer, don't know if you have seen any of my posts about it but... what was your inspiration about him? How did you manage to make someone like that so similar to that famous humorist? Say the truth, you all are big fans of them! :p

    One more questions... I'd like to know how you organize the creation of each episode, I mean... you first start with an idea, consult Steve for it, validate it, make an sketch and distribute the tasks to the teams, then each one has a part, then you unite them... and... here it is a new episode! Or more or less how is your way of working and organizing tasks.

    Even one more... Have you thought on adding some kind of fur to sam n max? I would say no because on the comics they don't seem to be furry, but perhaps someone thought on it :p

    And that's all for now, thanks for your answers!
  • I've never tried it, but theres a post in the game support forum on how to get TTG games to run on linux using wine.
  • Will I be able to use my xbox remote to play the game? Also, How closely do you work with Steve Purcell in making the 3 Seasons?
  • ShinTav;286864 said:
    I've never tried it, but theres a post in the game support forum on how to get TTG games to run on linux using wine.
    Yeah, but it's really a far from optimal solution, requiring too many hacks to be worthwhile for your average linux user. An official port would be much better, and hopefully not too much to hope for in the near future, now that there is a Mac port, which shouldn't be all that different.
  • So, is that countdown clock on the front page to release (meaning I would have to wait till 8PM tomorrow) or just the end of pre-orders and then wait some more?
  • Hey Chuck I just wanna say I love you guys, and Telltale is one of my favorite studios right now. I have purchased every game you guys have released on either the PC or Xbox 360 (I double dipped on Sam and Max seasons 1 and 2). Thank you for bringing the Puzzle Adventure genre back to life.
  • So, if Telltale were to make a Maniac Mansion sequel, would it be closer to the original, or to Day of the Tentacle in design?
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