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ANSWERED: Q&A with... Steve Purcell!

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Yes. This is the awesomest thing.

Creator of Sam and Max and all around awesome guy Steve Purcell will be answering questions ongoing throughout this week! We'll be doing the questions in batches to allow for Steve's busy schedule so there's no official dates or times to speak of.

Have a life altering query? Maybe just a casual inquiry? Questions about Sam and Max, Telltale's games, or the meaning of life can all be posted here and magically answered through the powers of the internet!

WHEE! The first batch has been answered! They start right here:
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  • Icedhope;284915 said:

    1. Is Max's Full name Maxwell or Maximilian?
    I don't know that I ever gave him a fuller name than Max. Telltale has but who knows if Max could even remember it.
    Is there anything "in talks" about reviving another animated series either Kiddie or Adult?
    "Talks" is a very broad term and it could include almost anything so I'll say, sure, "talks" have been talked.
    What is your favorite Sam&Max Episodes of The Previous seasons, and or the Animated series?
    I still like Abe Lincoln Must Die and Reality 2.0 and Night ofthe Raving Dead. As far as the animated series, I like Max's Big Day (with the New Guinea pigs) and They Came From Down There where Mack Salmon is breeding Sea Chimps.
  • jeeno0142;286632 said:

    What do you like drawing best with? I.e, do you prefer doing your art digitally, with pencil, or paint.. etc...
    The computer is a great tool and I use it for conceiving color designs and tweaking scanned images but I most enjoy painting on board or canvas with oils or acrylics. I like being able to hold the finished piece in my hands. For me anything I do on the computer never quite feels like it actually exists.
  • light_rises;286330 said:

    I remember reading that your favorite Sam & Max comics tend to be the shorter ones. What did you like more about those compared to most of the longer stories -- the creation process, and/or how the stories themselves played out? Any particular favorite(s) among them?
    Sometimes it's fun to find a small idea, jump in and see it through in a reasonable amount of time. I still like Fair Wind to Java about Sam & Max humiliating pyramid building-aliens by pantsing one in public.
    It was the first Sam & Max story I painted and for the color I was inspired by Tintin comics at the time.
    What is Mac Salmon's backstory? Are you surprised by Mac Salmon's popularity? For a side character who made his last appearance over ten years ago, he seems to have a surprising amount of staying power.
    Mack Salmon has talked about the obscure series of events caused by Sam & Max that made him what he is. He is either delusional or they really had something to do with it. And they just can't remember. I think he's popular because he is passionate and has a plastic body.
  • lombre;285202 said:
    Of all the Telltale original characters, which is your favorite? Or favorites, if it's difficult to choose.

    I like Jurgen, He's fun to look at and listen to and I had a chance to contribute a bit to his design.
  • Kroms;284939 said:
    1. Are there any plans to continue The Big Sleep webcomic?
    Sure. You've got to see the part where they outrun the infected medical test subjects and find their car disintegrated by decades of pidgeon poop.
    Favorite painting you've done?
    Here are a couple of obscure choices. There's a Day of the Dead piece I posted on my blog:
    And there was this tiny Toybox painting I gave to a friend:
  • Serec;284969 said:
    ...What's with all the rats?
    Rats in the comics started turning up as part of my way of staying interested in the tedious inking process. Most of the background gags and the rats and roaches were added while inking comics pages to keep me interested. At one point Also at one point I had a pet rat named Ernie who wound up inspiring the character of Suda's partner in "Toybox."
  • Secret Fawful;285008 said:

    9. If there's one place you could see Sam and Max go, where would you like to see them go?
    In Plunge Through Space Sam & Max start out with a talk/variety show.
    I'd like to do that story and see them on that live TV stage. Or maybe Italy.
    Does Sam have a tail?
    I've never looked. I've only drawn him with pants or at least shorts and so I've honestly never checked that area.
  • Threepwood42;285115 said:
    Who are your favorite voice actors of all the ones that have portrayed Sam & Max over the years?
    They all bring something great. I have a fondness for Bill Farmer as the first Sam, and Robert Tinkler from the TV series was an interesting Max who could do impressions and others types of voices within the character. The TV Sam Harvey Atkin had a bizarre optimism that cracked me up. Nowlin and Kasten work really well together in the current Telltale episodes. They definitely own the characters at this point.
  • StrongBadinator;285470 said:
    2. How is someone like Max allowed to work in law enforcement?
    "Allow" has nothing at all to do with it.
  • Nojh;285939 said:

    2. Do you have any other IPs that you're interested in making into some kind of medium or getting someone else to create for you in your style of art and humor?
    I have a bunch. If I say them out loud, the ideas float away and get snatched up. Here's a name to pique your imagination: Hamilton Xavier Fist.
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