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Episode 6 Game-Ending Bug

posted by Kato on - last edited - Viewed by 5.1K users
I may be doing the wrong thing, but I'm still getting a bug which crashes my game every time. I pull the rat out of the hat in Bosco's and feed it to Gluttonous Max, then go to pull him out again but the game crashes. It's done this repeatedly.

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  • You've found the solution, all right. I'm not sure what's causing the bug though.
  • This might get a lot more attention in the "Game Support" section. ;)

    That said, what happens when the game crashes? Does it give any sort of error message? Or does it just spontaneously quit?
  • I've just restarted, and the problem is still going on.

    Telltale, please help!
  • Hello? I said you'd probably get a better reaction on the Game Support forum.

    And you probably will need to tell them what the game does when it crashes (like give an error message or something). If it doesn't do anything, and simply abruptly quits, then you should tell them that too.
  • Sorry about that Maratanos, I didn't see your post. No error message happens. It CTDs and tells me "gameapp.exe has experienced an error..." then after a minute it tells me that it must close. I use Vista, by the way.
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