Minecraft: Story Mode - Season 2 - Episode 6 - Down The Lane (FAN SCRIPT - Part 1)

--shows 'Last Time on MCSM'

(fades in)
(Jesse running into Beacontown, through gate, happy and excited)
Jesse: Ah, finally home!
(looks around at everything)
Jesse: Won't hurt to see whats going on at the Beautification Project!
(walks toward the large building)
Radar: (walks to Jesse) Oh hey Jesse! You came back? Where's Petra?
Jesse: Eh, I think she needed time by herself, so I told her, checked out (the ruins of) Champion City, and came back here.
Radar: So, where did you go? I mean, it has been a while, almost like Petra's trip.

Jesse: Yeah, I went and explored the 'Heckmouth" looks like with the Admin's powers gone, it dosen't exist anymore, I also decided to go and check out (the ruins of) Champion City.

Radar: Sounded like a very serious adventure, (walks out of the way) look at the 'Port Building'!
Jesse: --choice-
-Port Building?
Jesse: Port Building?
Radar: (scratches head) Yeah, we thought of that name, does it sound good?
Jesse: (shrugs) It's fine..
-What type of name is Port Building?
Jesse: What in the world? Who in their right mind would choose the name, 'Port Building'?
Radar: (scratches head) Yeah, sorry boss, I hope it is good enough as a name to attract people.
-Awesome name!
Jesse: I love the Port Building, and nice name choice, I think it is awesome! You've been doing so well Radar!
Radar: (shakes hand) Yeah, thanks, so much, haha, I can't wait until it's finished!
Radar: WOOHOO! (cheers)

Radar: Anyways, I think it has been a great pleasure beautifying the Port Building, and so many people have been moving in, especially from the Sunshine Institute, and Fred's people!
Lukas: (walks in) Hey guys, whats going on?
Jesse: Heh, me and Radar have just been looking at the progress of the 'Port Building'
Lukas: Thats awesome, nice job Radar. And Jesse, (points) you have definetly been gone for a while, it's great for you to be back!
Jesse: I haven't seen everyone yet, I think it is a good idea on checking on Beacontown, I'll be around guys.

Lukas: Alright, seeya around!

INTERACTIVE (Move around Beacontown, Objective: Get to Mailbox)

Talk to Nell and look at statue:
Nell: Hey, hey, hey, Jesse Dude! Man, it has been a while, welcome back dude!
Jesse: Yep, thanks for the welcome, it has definitely been a while!
Nell: I just came back from an adventure, and I got a diamond, I actually have another diamond, but I don't have sticks, and I don't think it is worth to get 1 stick from the forest, could ya hook me up with a radical stick, Jesse dude?
Jesse: Of course, I will find a stick.
-find deadbush and pick up stick-
Jesse: (to Nell, gives stick) Here ya go!

Nell: Thanks Jesse dude, now adventuring will be so much easier with this sword I'll be making!

Look at Reuben Memorial:
Jesse: Augh, it's all my fault, I wish Romeo could've brought him back though, but he was just a monster.

I miss ya, buddy.

Look at Garden:

Jesse: Romeo had lava under this, awesome that we patched THAT up.

Talk to Citizen:
Citizen: Hi Jesse! I still don't understand, why would someone want to be YOU?
-Romeo was a Monster:
Jesse: He was a monster, the guy who pretended to be me, his name was Romeo, he had all the power, and almost destroyed Beacontown, he just always want people to have his attention on him only. Luckily, me and my friends took his powers away.
Citizen: Wow! What a terrible monster! (angry)
-Romeo wanted Fun:
Jesse: Romeo just wanted to have fun, but he took it too far.
Citizen: Looked like that, (crossed-arms angry) taking over Beacontown, and almost destroying it, AH! SO TERRIBLE!

Jesse: It was nice talking to you, see ya around!

Citizen: Thanks Jesse, BYE!

Jesse: Looks like I have mail, (pulls out book from mailbox)
Hi Jesse, this is Aiden, I still want to redeem myself, if you could, please convince them to bring me to you.
Jesse: Okay, that is kinda, unexpected..
There is another letter, signed by WP, (pulls out book)
-Reads: (scared) I am coming for you.
Olivia: (runs through to Jesse) Jesse, Jesse! Redstonia, it --
Jesse: (turns around) OLIVIA?
Olivia: Yeah, um, Jesse, (sad and mad) Redstonia is gone! It was just exploded by a person with a mad white pumpkin on their head!
Jesse: Oh, no.
Olivia: I think Axel is coming, I ran to Boom Town, and that place is abandoned for some reason.
Radar: (runs to Jesse) What's going on?
Jesse: I think Beacontown is in trouble.
Lukas: (runs to Jesse) Beacontown, in trouble?
Axel: (runs through shops to Jesse) JESSE! Boom town, it's gone! What do I, what do I?
Olivia: (puts hands on hips)
Lukas: Would be nice for answers.
Jesse: Whoa, chill! It's all good, we will just go to the Old Builder jungle temple, get back over to sky city and their land, get Aiden, and track down the -- Cassie, white pumpkin.

Radar: lets get to it.

(Intro credits)
Jesse runs through portal and looks at ruins of Skycity, (MINECRAFT: STORY MODE (season 2)
Ghast comes out and fireballs Jesse and friends off, (2 credits shown) as they are falling, they aim at water (3 credits shown) Jesse and friends land in water, and (1 credit shown) Jesse and friends go fight mobs (fight scene) after killing mob (last crerddit is shown)
Lukas: Looks different from last time...
Petra: (Behind Jesse) Since when were you here?!
Olivia: PETRA!
Axel: PETRA?!
Lukas: Man, we all are together again.
Petra: Why are you, what's going...
Jesse: We need Aiden, I don't know why but he wants to redeem himself, I will give him a chance, but the White Pumpkin is coming to Beacontown, we have to stop her!
Isa: Jesse? Is it really you? (runs and hugs Jesse)
Welcome back, how did you and your friends just come back?
Jesse: Hehheh, long story..

Hope you guys enjoyed it, I'm sorry if it waws realy long.


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