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Craches on S&M 301 (mac)

posted by Urd on - last edited - Viewed by 178 users
Everytime I try to pick up Bazooka max, the game freezes and won't continue.
Everything before worked jsut fine.

i am playing on a Macbbok pro with Mac OS 10.6.3
Resulution 1440*900 graphic Details 1
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  • (Also on mac)
    When I picked up Bazooka-Max the game froze for a good 20-30 seconds. The cutscene that followed had a pretty jerky frame-rate, and my game crashed a couple minutes into it.

    Macbook Pro OS X 10.5.8
  • Urd, does it still crash if you give it a minute? It's possible that on a lower end system it's just having to clear out some space for the huge wad of assets coming at it. You could also try lowering your resolution to get through that point.
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    I wated 5 minutes, a restart helped, so it only took 10 seconds or so, but as Niterain stated the fram rate is more a Dia-Show, but only for cut scenes. also lowering the frame rate doesnt make it better, it makes it worse.
    in maximum resolution (1440*900) its smooth in the actual gameplay, but the cutscenes are very low on FPS, i tried every resolution, and the frame rate didn't change in the videos, but lowerd in gameplay.
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