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Game stopping bug at the beginning of the game.

posted by TonViper on - last edited - Viewed by 269 users
Figures, not twenty minutes into the new game, and I run into a game stopping bug:

It's right at the beginning after the tutorial, but I'll keep it as spoiler free as possible.

I clicked on the Desoto and talked to the COPS. After that, I tried talking to someone else, but the game acted as if I was still focused on the car with the back button in the lower left corner. Sam and Max weren't where they were supposed to, so when the camera was supposed to be on them, there was just an empty background. whenever I clicked the back button, the camera would reset to the Desoto, but the button would still be there. I also found that I couldn't move around and I couldn't bring up the menu to reload a save game. I had to exit the game and restart to continue.

I hope I'm the only one who's run into this problem.
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