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where is flint?

posted by jeremiahe on - last edited - Viewed by 316 users
2 related questions...I saw from other posts that at my point I'm supposed to do stuff with Flint; where is he? Also, I tried turning on hints to help; what do these actually do? I didn't notice any difference in the short time I tried it. Thanks!
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  • Well, hints are when you don't do anything productive in a while and then Sam (or Max) Thinks out-loud about what you should do. For your other question, Flint should appear in Stinkys bar after you leave Skunkapes ship for the first time, i believe. Max even looks over his shoulder and notices him walking in.
  • Weird, I had done that but he isn't there.
  • jeremiahe;288847 said:
    Weird, I had done that but he isn't there.
    I guess report it to Telltale as a bug.
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