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Episode 6 Bad Error (Vista) (SPOILERS)

posted by Kato on - last edited - Viewed by 742 users
When I feed Jimmy to Gluttonous Max, then try to pull him out of the hat, the game crashes to desktop, telling me that "gameapp.exe has experienced an error and needs to close..." I use Vista.

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  • Could you give us the rest of your system specs?

    Are you playing through GameTap or is this a press build?

    Is it a consistent problem or did it only happen once?
  • Gametap. Consistent problem. I've restarted the game, Gametap, and my computer.

    2gb RAM
    DirectX 10
    GeForce 8800GTX GPU
    Athlon 64 x2 Processor, ~2.2ghz (not 64-bit Vista)

    Hope that helps!
  • This is probably not the same, but just to rule it out could you please disable DEP as described here, and let us know if it fixes the problem?
  • As much as I wish it would help, I apparently don't even have DEP on. Sorry.
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