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Who is playing the Monkey Island series for first time

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Anything you want to comment on? Your thoughts on the Monkey Island series from the point of view of a newbie?
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  • Me! And loving it. However, I also watched a complete playthrough of CoMI and the 5 minute cartoon for SoMI in order to get alot of the in-jokes.
  • Novotnus;166063 said:
    Intimidating? Me? But I'm your friend! My name's... :)
    Didn't mean to intimidate anyone. I guess MI community is one of the friendliest and almost everybody's welcome...
    Just stay away from the insult swordfighters.
  • hplikelike;166126 said:
    Just stay away from the insult swordfighters.
    Well, I am one of those, but I don't bite. In fact, I am glad when I can help with something... if I can, that is. Just don't insult me. ;)
  • Mad Mary;166163 said:
    Well, I am one of those, but I don't bite. In fact, I am glad when I can help with something... if I can, that is. Just don't insult me. ;)
    You fight like a diary farmer.
  • I actually had never heard of MI until TT came out with ToMI. (Hmm, I wonder if I can put any other acronyms in that sentence?) The funny thing is, I considered myself an adventure gamer, because I grew up on all the old Sierra games and try to keep up with good up n' coming adventure games. Somehow I managed to miss the very presence of LucasArts, though, and so missed out on being a veteran MI player.

    Once they announced, though, I got a hold of the games and started playing. I finished MI 1 and 2 before caving and playing ToMI, and have since finished MI3. (I'll get to MI4 as soon as I figure out how to make it run on my computer. I hate Vista 64).

    I really liked ToMI, its very humorous, beautifully rendered, and has an engaging plot. I was well aware of when I was missing a reference, though, and it kind of bothered me, but its more the perfectionist in me than anything. I think it would stand alone, well, but is much more enhanced by knowledge of the previous games. I guess one advantage is I have no ideals to shatter about what a character should be like or anything like that. Having played them so close together, unlike veterans, its easy for me to accept a character, i.e. Elaine, in ToMI as it is to accept her style of character in the earlier games. They all just sort of . . . blend together.
  • I never heard of Monkey Island until a few weeks ago. I'm not really a young dude, I'm 36, I just never played alot of games as a kid. My kids got me into games.
    Monkey Island is awesome. I just kept reading, and hearing about it. A guy at work really sold me. I owe that dude lunch, if nothing else. I played the first episode of TOMI first, and I'm about 4 hours into the Secrets special edition which I'm really loving. I should have played it first. This series is just plain fun. I've never had a better time playing games.
  • I'd watched my older brother play the first two back on our Amiga years ago [whereas I was playing the likes of Magic Pocket], but Tales of Monkey Island is the first MI game I've played myself. I loved it! :D

    The humour, the art flair and all-round fun was a breath of fresh air [for someone, like me, who's well into his platformers, puzzlers and RPGs]. I know I can't wait till Chapter 2, but then I guess TSOMI: SE on my 360 will keep me busy for awhile longer. :p:cool:
  • smashing;166168 said:
    You fight like a diary farmer.
    How appropriate - you fight like a journal bovine. :D

    np: Moritz Von Oswald Trio - Patterns 1 (Vertical Ascent)
  • hplikelike;166126 said:
    Just stay away from the insult swordfighters.
    Aw, maybe we like to insult each other. And we enjoy torturing a french scientist in a sadistic device. And cutting man's legs off. And stealing monocles. But, who doesn't like it?
  • I'm actually introducing my fiance to the series starting with Tales and working backwards. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.
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