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Penal zone recap (MAJOR SPOILERS!)

posted by The_Hamburgaler on - last edited - Viewed by 1.3K users
So I just finished episode 1 in "the five part epic comedy saga" that is the devils playhouse.

I Freaking love it. LOVE IT! Well worth the wait.

(I said spoilers in the title so no need to discus the game in spoiler boxes. I sure as hell wont.)

I got worried when I got to the end and thought I would do the exact same thing as the beginning but they really surprised me when skunkape turned it around and changed the future.

Best moment for me... very hard but it was probably using future vision on everything and seeing things in no context
(Hey max wanna ground me?)

Next episode? I'm very curious as to what happens next. It looks like skunkape took the rhinoplasty and mind reading cards with him into the new dimension so it looks like their gone. But that would suck. They probably Really are gone because think about it, How many different different sceneries can you think of where you need a picture to transform into?

The twist at the end was really strange. Sam and max are dead?... Or is that sammun mak? In this episode, they made a huge deal of seeing the future and finding the events leading up to it, or changing the future. In episode two, I think the word tomb, and seeing Sam and max skeleton makes me think the big thing for episode 2 will be spending all the episode inside Sam and maxes building. Which would be cool, considering how we haven't been their since raving dead.

So what did you guys think of the penal zone? What do you think is going to happen?
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  • Well, Sal makes sense, but eh... the guy's a cockroach.

    Disturbing enough for TTG maybe though.
  • Starcat5;289368 said:
    I'd point out that Sal is a lady's name
    Sal can be a guy's name. Short of Salazar among other things.
  • Starcat5;289368 said:
    I'd point out that Sal is a lady's name, but not only do we NOT know which way Stinky swings, she is also a Cake of the Damned, and who knows if "girl" even applies to 'her' beyond vague physical form?
    So your saying she is pastry-sexual because she is a cake? So S... must be STRAWBERRY!
  • How about Santa? Maybe its him.
  • im for Satan, but who knows it could turn out that bosco was knighted and is no Sir Bosco. By the way i found it wierd that there wasn't any sound in the menu screen
  • correction now instead of no 'no Sir Bosco' becomes 'now Sir Bosco'
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    So i am also thorugh this episode.

    I really loved the Max' View and the Psychic powers, especially the times it gives false hints how to solve a puzzle ("Knocked them cold" or "oldes trick in the book")
    The greatest downsides were technalaties and graphic glitches on the Mac Version, wich made it hard to play sometimes.

    From a Plot consitency standpoint, the giveaway of the future-Vision was weird, if it had been stolen, it would have been more appropriate. The Tekephine was taken away, maybe because Skunkape didn't know max had it. (Since the palce where it is kept is NONE OF HIS DAMMED BUISINESS)

    Some of the Teleporter Puzzles were really great, especially how to get rid of the goons at boscotec.

    I am Looking forwanrd to the future episodes, but hopefully in a better mac Version.
  • It is 100% Sal... She is "trying" to hide the fact that he even existed, so Telltale is really hinting this to be him. He is probably the rival of Flint Paper or something...
  • ^ Or he IS Flint Paper!
  • I agree. Likely Sal the giant cockroach.
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