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How do I start the Demo of S&M3?

posted by CrispyXUK on - last edited - Viewed by 732 users
The only option I have when launching the demo is to buy the game, not much of a demo is it? :D

OSX version btw.
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  • Doesn't surprise me all that much I'm afraid. The graphics in this game are significantly more complicated than they were for ToMI.
  • Cheers for the help. But when I say slow I'm talk 5-10 fps, so really slow.
  • First thing to suggest is turning down your graphics quality and resolution size, and make sure you have nothing running in the background.
  • I have an early 2008 Macbook Pro with Boot Camp, and there is a HUGE difference between how the demo runs on Windows 7 vs. Leopard. In Windows, my laptop handles the demo like a champ on the highest resolution and graphic settings. There could be some lag, but it's barely noticeable and easily removed by knocking the graphics down a notch or two. Leopard is a whole different story... The demo is practically UNPLAYABLE without hitting bottom resolution and graphics quality.

    Is the full episode different than the demo? Will the Mac version be fixed later?
  • Thriftweed Fancy Pants;289513 said:
    Is the full episode different than the demo?
    The demo IS the full version if you bought the game.
  • No, I'm talking about the demo.
  • Thriftweed Fancy Pants;289548 said:
    No, I'm talking about the demo.
    me too. The Demo is the full Episode with limited content available. If you buy the game it will unlock the rest of it without any further download.
  • Oh, I see what you're saying. I got confused by the word "if." I was thinking, "IF I BUY the game, of course it's the full version, because that's what I paid for!" But what you meant is that the demo BECOMES the full unlocked version after you buy it. Gotcha.
  • Sorry for not making this clear. I knew what I meant but did not consider that others might not.

    but in short: the full game will not perform any different then the demo did.
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