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  • Why did that video creep me out? I've been able to play through Silent Hill 3 without too many problems.
  • Fury;289155 said:
    I didn't like The Hidden People really. I liked the atmosphere but I was expecting it to have a funny punchline at the end but it was just a lame horror.

    But the music, the art style, atmopshere and all were really good. I think it would make a fantastic game. As long as the game isn't cheap and relies on screamers and lame horror elements, I think a darker adventure game could be fantastic.

    It looks like a flash game though. But íf it's a series that would be good. I'm thinking it's either a single episode or a 5 part series.

    2D Adventure games FTW!
    The punchline at the end of the video, if one exists at all, was probably supposed to be the silly scream he makes in the oven. I cracked up at that anyway. You kind of had to grow up watching stuff like Courage the Cowardly Dog to get that sort of scary humor. In fact that's what it reminded me of: Courage the Cowardly Dog. Man a Courage adventure game would be great. Well anyway, I wonder if this will actually be one of the serious games Telltale has been talking about.
  • I have nothing to say about this but join the chorus of intrigued wondering. I love mysteries, and a deserted factory in the snowy Minnesotan countryside? What better place for an atmospheric, mythical mystery! I hope Telltale doesn't just announce something on May 4, but leaves us "clues" to find so we can start to unravel the mystery of just what the heck this property is going to be for ourselves :)
  • Joystiq posted a new interview with Dan Connors that contained this little nugget of info:
    We'll be releasing some products in the near future that would be much more small device friendly, and those, we certainly could find those on DS or iPhone.
    Sounds like Scoggins would work nicely there.
  • That's an interesting peice of information, and it's just got my hopes up.
  • it would be interesting to see some portable exclusives for Sam and Max or Monkey Island 2D style on the Nintendo DS
  • Anything they make in 2D I'll get.
    If it's on the DS on top of that I might have to buy several copies.
  • I will buy you a copy if you buy me a copy :P
  • puzzlebox;289386 said:
    Wow... tantalising.

    Side by side:


    From the "Scoggins Erasers" page (vaguely creepy), "The Hidden People" video (hella creepy), and the children's TV program "David the Gnome" (not creepy in the slightest).
    Don't forget Roaming Gnome! (extremely creepy)

  • ShaggE;289957 said:
    Don't forget Roaming Gnome! (extremely creepy campy)

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