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  • Well, the answers are already given, so give me some time to do a little ranting about Carol, hopefully making TTG improve her if still used the next episode.

    1) When I got asked a "hint" on Crime-Tron, I first figured it was yet *another* hintsystem (aside from the actual one and future-vision), so I picked no. And got a little stumped like the OP too, although just messing around solved that for me :D.
    2) Please allow to use items on Carol activating the device. There were instances were I did that and Sam just used his basic command and I was like "Oh yeah, first have to click Carol to use her." This will also make things a little smoother for repeat cases as you already have the first item without picking it up from the inventory again after clicking Carol.
    3) I often tried skipping the bleeps with right mouse button, and some times instead of skipping just the sound it also closed my inventory and the Carol screen. I know it remembered my last item imput (since it still displays on the screen of Carol) but I can't add item #2 like in suggestion 2)... And to add injury to insult when clicking her again that first item was cleared again, so I had to repeat adding it to. Got bothersome after a while.

    Hopefully if she appears next episode these tweaks could be done to make using her a little bit more inituative and less irritating (well, to me at least).
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