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  • Hassat Hunter;289981 said:
    If not... I am not quite seeing the bugpart (well, there is the incorrect hint then).
    Yes, the incorrect hint is the bug I was speaking of.
    GinnyN;289998 said:
    You have to do that too. You didn't waste that half an hour, seriously
    I'm pretty sure I'd already done that, though. Unless I'm mistaken, in which case I apologize and take it all back!
  • spyrochaete;290012 said:
    Yes, the incorrect hint is the bug I was speaking of.
    Since you have to plug the Devil Box, obviously that hint it's not a bug, just you forgot the first part of the intructions from Momma Bosco.

    Edit: 1000 posts!

    I don't really think that is something to celebrate
  • GinnyN, spoiler tags??

    Either I'm not making myself clear or you're not understanding me.

    I was getting a hint for the problem I had already solved. I was stuck on the next problem and Sam kept saying something misleading, so this caused me to assume I had missed something. The solution to the problem I was on did not correspond at all to what Sam was telling me to do.

  • Look carefully at the boiler. There is another object to click on it...
  • Thanks a lot, I'll have another look.
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