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Console-exclusive bonuses: an open letter

posted by ATMachine on - last edited - Viewed by 6.1K users
Dear Telltale,

I really hate to be such a misanthrope, but this is something I felt had to be addressed.

It seems that on the PS3 version of The Penal Zone, when you start up a second playthrough you get access to a new psychic power: the Nutrition Specs. These allow you to see intriguing new visions throughout the game.

Yet this bonus content is ONLY available on the PS3.

For shame, Telltale.

I am a die-hard PC gamer. I have never been able to "get the hang" of consoles, no matter how much I've tried. I've watched helplessly as big game companies abandoned the PC market, one by one, and transferred all their focus to the console world.

I thought Telltale was unique in placing so much of its efforts on the PC platform. This pleased me deeply, and cemented my love of your games.

When TOMI and then Sam and Max switched to direct control, I assumed it was because of the reasons Telltale stated, that it made it easier to construct the games' environments. Some naysayers claimed it was really because the company wanted to put the games on consoles, but I ignored them.

Then, in the promotion leading up to the release of The Penal Zone, the PS3 version was the only version featured in advertising. Again, I assumed this was because the PS3 was a new platform for Telltale, so you wanted to show it off as much as possible.

Now I find that Telltale has put out The Devil's Playhouse on PS3 with exclusive, extra-cool bonus content that the PC version lacks. This is something I had never expected would happen, and as a "console-illiterate" gamer, it pains me greatly. Moreover, it casts a new and uglier shadow over the previous events I mentioned above.

You've disappointed me, Telltale. I've learned you're just like every other game company: eager to move to the console market, and willing to shaft PC gamers in the process.

Please, prove me wrong in the future.

EDIT: So, maybe it's not so exclusive after all? Great! Mea culpa, I'm sorry, je suis desolé.

The lesson we can learn from this, I think, is that poor communication kills. I went off in a moment of anger and posted an ill-thought-out rant on these forums, but I wouldn't have done so if Telltale had cleared up the exact nature of the Penal Zone bonus content sometime earlier. Blame all around! ;)
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  • I see no point getting it for the PS3... because I don't have a PS3.
    I like the games and buy them all, but am not a collector or whatever.

    But guess we'll have to wait what all the bonus PC stuff turns out to be...
  • I do have a PS3 I will not be buying it for it.... I still like playing these on my PC..
  • durrr, i meant exclusive bonus content. Bonus Content at all is awesome anyway
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    langley Telltale Staff
    ATMachine;290838 said:
    Yeah it makes sense from a marketing perspective to give out exclusive bonuses per platform. From MY perspective it majorly sucks though, because I will never ever pick up the PS3 version and get the exclusive content therein.

    I would much rather that everyone on every release platform get the same bonus content. It's fairer to all the gamers. But then I guess Telltale would make less money...
    You're making some assumptions here. Just wait and don't jump to any... well, you know.
  • We'll probably be able to unlock the Nutrition Specs whenever this page properly goes live. It'd make sense since the advert tells you to go there to order Future Vision with the Nutrition Specs included for free.
  • Pinchpenny;290878 said:
    We'll probably be able to unlock the Nutrition Specs whenever this page properly goes live. It'd make sense since the advert tells you to go there to order Future Vision with the Nutrition Specs included for free.
    This makes sense. Possibly,. they are just giving the Nutrition Specs to PS3 users nopw because whatever promo they're going to do won't work with PSN.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
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    joeldee Telltale Alumni
    Hello all

    We really do not have any mission to drive individuals to buy the games multiple times in multiple ways (not to say that we'd discourage this ;) )

    Sometimes, an add-on feature opportunity becomes available in one place ... which isn't to say that it won't also be available later in another place.

    We do our best to deliver as much fun and value as possible where ever we can!

    - Joel, Telltale
  • I feel that the people buying direct from Telltale get a fair number of bonuses that aren't available to console & steam users (such as the pre-order forum and the free dvd) so it's only fair to give those users something extra which will probably end up available for the PC/Mac users.
  • Aside from the big hints the TTG team is dropping, I'm guessing this episode might have what the Launch of the Screaming Narwal had, a treasue hunting game. This was add after the inital release to add replayablity. The PS3 has an extra feature already because console versions are more difficult to update compared to a direct connection to the game on PC.
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